Area Rug history, art, descriptions, quality and more. So much information all delivered in 6 different e-books written by David Khazai. David is a 5th generation RUG EXPERT. His knowledge dates back to 1860, the beginning of his family’s rug sales and cleaning tradition. Learn just a small portion of what David has to offer


As Good As Gold

by David Khazai

bakhtiari rugs

Bakhtiari Rug

by David Khazai

isfahan rugs

Isfahan Rug

by David Khazai

kerman rugs

Kerman Rug

by David Khazai

my life as a rug

My Life as a Rug

by David Khazai

qashqai rugs

Qashqai Rug

by David Khazai

our weaving mother

Our Weaving Mother, Azarbaijan's Nomadic and Village-woven Rugs

by David Khazai


Persians, The Most Celebrated in the World of Rugs

by David Khazai

qom rugs

Qom Rugs, Charm of Silk and Colors

by David Khazai

carpet material

Rug Material

by David Khazai

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