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Hand Knotted Iran Hamadan 4'3" x 7'5" Red Rug

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VendorKhazai Rugs
Item Number5729133
Actual Size4'3" x 7'5"
Fiqure DimensionRectangle 4X6
ConstructionHand Knotted

Hamadan, the Rug Weaving Area


Known to ancient Greeks as Ecbatana, it was called Hegmatana by ancient Iranians (Persians and Medes alike) changed to Hamadân in New-Persian and other new Iranian languages. The name appears to mean ‘the place of society’, or in a more nomadic context ‘Gathering-Place’, and actually being embraced by Alvand in central Zagros’ façade, the place proved to be so for northwestern Iranian tribes. Hamadan is the very place Diaco crowned as the first Medes king establishing Ecbatana which was to serve as the summer capital for Iranian Imperial dynasts during coming millenniums.


The Ganjnameh, a cuneiform inscription in Hamadan

Its mountainous cool air remained attractive for Muslim rulers and the city served as capital for Iranian dynasts during the first half of the Islamic Era. Altogether the importance of the city began to decrease little by little. The walls and structure of Hamadan was completely destroyed by mogul invaders. Anyhow, still benefitted by nature the city continued its life to flourish in contemporary era.


The Tomb of Avicenna in Hamadan


Tomb of Baba Tahir in Hamadan

Today Hamadan is vastly celebrated by Iranians for its continuous cultural heritage. Tombs of Avicenna, the great Iranian physician, and Baba Taher the Naked, a shepherdly ascetic figure in Persian poetry, stand tall in the heart of the city where a Medes stone lion stands firmly as if still roaring.

In central Zagros there are thousands of villages as well as semi-settled tribes. Therefore Handy-crafts in the area are mostly produced in big numbers in the villages around Hamadan which are located on various mountainous routes. Rug weaving is a fundamental craft for the mountain folks. Hamadan rug weaving is a big production in scale of Persian woven things. It is said that if one looks for more economical Persian pieces Hamadan would be a good place to search. That’s could be true due to big number of villages, each of which has its own reputation. So you can find various qualities. Because of the variety of villages whose names became terms resembling designs or weave qualities or sizes in Hamadan Bazar, people always speak about Hamadan as a rug area. Nevertheless the city has also a small production of its own.


Remain of the 'Lionsgate' of Hamadan

Technical aspects and the structure of Hamadan Rugs


The Ganjnameh, a cuneiform inscription in Hamadan

Despite all their variations, villages of Hamadan follow one weave structure: woolen piled, single-wefted, and woven with the symmetrical/Turkish knot on cotton warps and wefts.

Rug sizes are favored in Hamadan. Carpets and runners could also be found.

Dyeing and painting of Hamadan rugs

Each rural area of Hamdan has its own Palette. Nevertheless dark blue and roses have dominance in Hamadan new products. Shades of camel, mustard, golden Khaki, all obtained of undyed camel hair, reach to a yellowish brown. Such a palette used to be a clue to antique and semi-antique Hamadan pieces.


Designs and patterns of the Joshaqan rugs

Form Central madallions to repeating gem like medallions; all basic medallions have their own interpretation in all Hamadan pieces, most uniquely large central medallions on runners!


There are designs with rather small central medallions and large round lachaks (corners). Double-medallioned and triple which starts repeating medallions.


Variations of Mahi (Herati) designs exist. Footprint of the 19th’s American Sarok (Ziegler) designs remained on rendering which recalls graph-paper loom-drawings. For decades such rendering of curvilinear designs were considered crude by both western art historians and Persian weavers themselves, but ignorant to both American market kept demanding it and after a century it found its own charm in the eyes of Iranians and art critics.

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