Khazai Rug Outlet is the "Most Trusted Name" in the rug industry since the 1980's


Khazai Rug Outlet is the “Most Trusted Name” in the rug industry since the 1860’s. The family tradition has been deeply involved in the producing, cleaning, restoration of oriental and Persian rugs for more than five generations. We have kept up with changes to deliver you access to virtual inventory and to offer you the most extensive selection of new, antique, modern, or traditional rugs in the Midwest while maintaining the experience and expertise of shopping at your local store.

High Selection, Top Brands

True savings on over 5,000 in-stock rugs with even more options onine of all top brand, one-of-a-kind, handmade, and machine made products

Low Overhead

No fancy showroom or location. We cut everything out that gets between you and the best value in the market

Best Value

We travel the world to buy directly in quantity to give you the largest selection at the lowest possible prices

David and sophia Khazai

CEO David Khazai and Sophia Khazai have come by their unparalleled experience and knowledge of Oriental rugs the old-fashioned way; their family has been in the business for decades. They have been directly involved for much of their lives in every phase of the industry, from design and production, distribution and wholesale, to cleaning, repairing, and restoration. David is recognized nationally and internationally for his expertise in the Oriental rug business. Perhaps more importantly, he has brought new world thinking to an old world enterprise, and then expanded that to embrace other businesses as well.

David Khazai - CEO

David Khazai is a fifth generation rug manufacturer, he grew up around the business with passion of learning, and his playground was his father’s wholesale operation and cleaning center. David and Sophia Khazai’s commitment has been to make genuine Oriental rugs more accessible and affordable for U.S. consumers. They have established direct links to production lines in Iran, India, Pakistan, and China. David and Sophia streamlined purchasing and distribution systems, updated marketing and advertising, realigned pricing and customer service values, and built retail success.

Sophia Khazai - Vice President

Sophia Khazai’s love and passion is also oriental rugs. Over the last decade she has visited rug weaving centers and cleaning facilities around the world to bring best practices to Louisville facility, her commitment is to keep all process 100% green. Her adoration for rugs has lead her to be a master weaver and restorer, it is often that you can walk in and see her repairing a rug; to her it is meditation and a very joyful experience.


David and Sophia have written 10 books about Persian and Oriental rugs to share their passion and commitment with the consumer. These books share knowledge about small window of opportunity to acquire this form of art at unbelievable prices in comparison to what you would pay a skilled artesian in current wages.


As Good As Gold

by David Khazai

bakhtiari rugs

Bakhtiari Rug

by David Khazai

isfahan rugs

Isfahan Rug

by David Khazai

kerman rugs

Kerman Rug

by David Khazai

my life as a rug

My Life as a Rug

by David Khazai

qashqai rugs

Qashqai Rug

by David Khazai

our weaving mother

Our Weaving Mother, Azarbaijan's Nomadic and Village-woven Rugs

by David Khazai


Persians, The Most Celebrated in the World of Rugs

by David Khazai

qom rugs

Qom Rugs, Charm of Silk and Colors

by David Khazai

carpet material

Rug Material

by David Khazai

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