Delivery with a twist
50 miles

Your purchase of $1000+ will be delivered to 50 miles of our stores locations at no charge and will be place it in your room(s) by our staff

200 miles

Your purchase of $5000+ will be delivered to 200 miles from our store locations for a charge of $400 placed it in your room(s) by our professional staff

400 miles

Your purchase of $10,000+ will be delivered to 400 miles for charge of $500 , and placed it in your room(s) by our staff

Trade-in service

For whatever reason, you're not happy with your old rugs. Trad it in. Just select a new rug from our website or visit us at our two location in Lexington or Louisville. Once your selection has been made we will deliver and place your new rug(s) in your home.

Trade-in service

Some of these precious pieces cannot be regularly transferred in your truck or car. These pieces require professional delivery by our experts to ensure their safety and preservation. Educating them to treat the rug carefully is on us, we teach them how to pack the rugs and roll them attentively, place them on the trucks and send them to you. You will receive your purchase exactly the way it was in the store, the same condition you saw.

There is not a hidden fee on the rugs at all

We know the exact price of each rug depends on the material, fabric, color and where they come from. All this information is going to share with you to let you know the original value of your rug so you can appreciate the real cost of it and acknowledge there is no hidden fee for free shipping.


We are waiting for you at the Khazai rug outlet to help you pick the best rug suited for your home and delivery it to your door place it where ever you want with careful consideration and give you tips on how to keep your rug as new as it is today. We do all the things above for free, so don’t hesitate to purchase your next rug. We deliver what we promised.
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