Afshar rug

Afshar Rug, The Hybrid of Persian and Turkic Rug Weaving Styles

Afshar Rug Persian Rug, The history of the Afshar rug is as long as the last one-third of Iran’s. Their back-to-back immigration to the Iran Plateau began roughly one thousand years ago. Several branches of the Afshar people scattered in Iran and Anatolia under the Seljuks’ rule. Mongol invasion accelerated the still continuing immigration; thus,

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Ravar rug

Ravar Rug, The Lovely Princess of The Deserts

Right in the middle of the Lut desert in Iran and Qanat-watered, orchards of Ravar ripens the sweetest of pomegranates. This town is well-known nationally, as much as its international reputation for exquisite Ravar rug. Ravar is in the middle of a vast salty Lut desert in central Iran. The name’s literal means “Emptiness,” which

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Sirjan rug

Sirjan Rug, The Delightful Heir of Afshar and Kerman Rugs

Sirjan rug has a fascinating story behind it as it was born in an exiled tribe by mixing various rug weaving techniques. The Afshar tribes from the northwest brought their rug weaving styles to Sirjan in the south in the middle of Kerman and Shiraz.  Later on, they developed a fusion of the northern and

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kerman rug

Kerman Rug, The Colorful Hand-Knotted Oasis of Art

From the beginning of recorded history, Kerman has been mentioned under the name of Aratta by Sumerians. They described Aratta as a wealthy land full of precious stones and great artisans that are hard to reach. A land by the name of Inanna comes from the goddess of love, desire, and beauty. This article tells

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