Nanaj rug

Nanaj Rug, The Hand-Knotted History Book

Nanaj (also Romanized as Nenej) is a village in Jowkar Rural District, Malayer County, Hamadan Province, Iran. It is a historical village in the region, having an old Qajar mosque. But, it is more famous for its mountainous nature, caves, and waterfalls, and above all, the Nanaj Rug. Central Zagros’ nature provides the best raw

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Karaja rug

Karaja Rug, The Azeri Enchantment

Karaja rug (Also romanized as Qarājeh, Karadja, or Gharaja) is an area on the north-western part of Heriz, Iran, on the Azerbaijan Republic’s frontier. Heriz is a distinctive rug-weaving center with a world reputation. Still, Karaja rug doesn’t have much in common with typical Herizes except in the quality of raw materials. Richened by Sabalan

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Saraband rug

Saraband Rug, The Hand-Knotted Treasure of The Zagros Mountains

You might find many areas named Saraband in the Persian-speaking countries of Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan. The one we are going to talk about is the rural area in Zagros Mountain between Arak and Borujerd. Romanized as Serabend, the name is a term for a type of design with repeated Boteh motifs of this area.

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Tuyserkan rug

Tuyserkan Rug, The Colorful and Artistic Gift of Western Iran

South of Alvand Mountain, a point of junction between the Zagros folds and the central Iranian plateau, lies the town of Tuyserkan. (Which is also Romanized as Tuisarkan). It is the fourth significant urban settlement in the Hamadan province. Tuyserkan has a reputation for its rich and deep soil, perfect for planting walnut trees, and

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kerman rug

Bozchalu Rug, The Undiscovered Gem of Central Iran

White Mountains of Vafs, home to various Iranian tribes, stand tall between Hamadan and Markazi provinces in Iran (Persia). Vafs area is attributed to the Tat people, Lurs, and some Turkic tribes, amongst which Bozchalu and its famous Bozchalu rug are well remembered. Bozchalu is an old Turkic clan. Hulagu Khan (reign: 1256-1265) settled once

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Herati Rug, The Untold Marvelous Story of Afghanistan

Mahi [fish in pond, Mahi darham (twisted fishes), or Herati] represents various Persian rug patterns. These patterns come from the city of Herat (nowadays in Afghanistan) and have spread westwards across Persia, Anatolia, and Caucasia. It had many interpretations applied to different types of design in these regions. Also, this applies to both rectilinear and

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kerman rug

Kerman Rug, The Colorful Hand-Knotted Oasis of Art

From the beginning of recorded history, Kerman has been mentioned under the name of Aratta by Sumerians. They described Aratta as a wealthy land full of precious stones and great artisans that are hard to reach. A land by the name of Inanna comes from the goddess of love, desire, and beauty. This article tells

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4 Benefits of Area Rugs That You Should Know

Benefits of Area Rugs, An area rug is a popular addition to a hard surface floor, especially hardwood, laminate, or tile floors. It can even be laid over wall-to-wall carpet. Perhaps the most obvious reason to have area rugs is for the way they look. An Oriental Rug is a piece of artwork. It is

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tabriz rug

Tabriz Rug, The Magnificent Heritage of Safavid Kings

Tabriz is an ancient city on the slope of the Sahand Mountain, East Azerbaijan province, Iran. It is the biggest city in western Iran, with a population of over 1.73 million. Tabriz was the World Rug Weaving City by the World Crafts Council in October 2015. This article will introduce you to the rich history

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bakhtiari rug

The Fascinating Legacy of a Glorious Tribe, The Bakhtiari Rug

The Bakhtiari are an Iranian tribe, a subgroup of the Lor people. Actually, there is no ethnic difference between Bakhtiaris and other Lors. This naming dates back to the Safavid era. Because they showed courage in wars between Iran and the Ottomans and their role in defeating the Portuguese occupiers, the Safavi King called them

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