Malayer Rug, The All-Natural Beauty

Malayer lies on the Alvand Mountain margin, a junction point between the Zagros folds and the central Iranian plateau. It is a historical city in Hamadan Province and the second largest urban settlement after Hamadan (Ecbatana). Malayer is also famous for its high-quality grapes, walnuts, cultural monuments, and above all, the Maleyer rug! Alvand’s rich

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Nanaj rug

Nanaj Rug, The Hand-Knotted History Book

Nanaj (also Romanized as Nenej) is a village in Jowkar Rural District, Malayer County, Hamadan Province, Iran. It is a historical village in the region, having an old Qajar mosque. But, it is more famous for its mountainous nature, caves, and waterfalls, and above all, the Nanaj Rug. Central Zagros’ nature provides the best raw

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