Persian Rug

The Historical Aspect of The Persian Rug

Looking way back at the historical aspect of the Persian rug, here are “The seven most significant questions about the historical aspect of Persian rug:” Why Did The People Need Rugs in the First Place? More than 2,500 years ago, they were first woven to cover the floors for nomadic tribespeople at the time. The

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Ziegler rug

Ziegler Rug, The Delightful Fruit of The American Dream!

During the Gilded Age in America, the West showed an interest in investing in Persian rug production directly.  Ziegler, a British Swiss company, pioneered this new industry and gave its name to this sort of goods. This led to the creation of one of the most influencing brands: Ziegler rug. American Interest in Persian Rugs

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Nahavand Rug, The Hand-Knotted Epic

If there is one ancient urban settlement in Hamadan province equal to Ecbatana in age, it would be Nahavand. (Also Romanized as Nehavand and Nehavend). This article will introduce the artistic souvenir of this region, the charming Nahavand rug. Where is Nahavand? The name is quite outstanding in the history of Iran. The reason is

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