Kashan Rug, The Golden Heritage of Safavid Kings

Kashan in the center of Iran is home to the Incredible Kashan rug that dates back to the Safavid era. Like most of the Persian rugs, fine silk, silver, and gold brocaded rugs make up the material of this rug, bringing outstanding reputation fo Kashan’s textile products, Zarbaf (gold-woven), and Kilims. This article gives you

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Najafabad rug

King’s Dream Brought Najafabad Rug into The World

Domed dovecotes of Najafabad have a world reputation as well as its rugs. Following Isfahan’s workshops, Najafabad’s rug production benefited from good structure and well-ordered designs. This article will take you through the mystery and delightful features of the Najafabad rug. Where is Najafabad? According to legend, Shah Abbas sent a caravan of camels with

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