Hereke rug

Hereke Rug, The Centerpiece of Ottoman Palaces

Hereke Rug Ottoman, Hereke is a town in Kocaeli province, Turkey. This city is famous for the Hereke rug and its Oriental rug industry at the northern edge of Izmit Bay, near Istanbul. Hereke rug is the most famous rug in Turkey. The city is quite famous for its rug weaving tradition and workshops. This

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tabriz rug

Tabriz Rug, The Magnificent Heritage of Safavid Kings

Tabriz is an ancient city on the slope of the Sahand Mountain, East Azerbaijan province, Iran. It is the biggest city in western Iran, with a population of over 1.73 million. Tabriz was the World Rug Weaving City by the World Crafts Council in October 2015. This article will introduce you to the rich history

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