Tuyserkan Rug, The Colorful and Artistic Gift of Western Iran

Tuyserkan rug

South of Alvand Mountain, a point of junction between the Zagros folds and the central Iranian plateau, lies the town of Tuyserkan. (Which is also Romanized as Tuisarkan). It is the fourth significant urban settlement in the Hamadan province. Tuyserkan has a reputation for its rich and deep soil, perfect for planting walnut trees, and the exquisite Tuyserkan Rug.

Tuyserkanis believe the best of Persian walnuts are theirs. This belief is a challenging claim on this most beloved tree and most favored nut in Iran.

Tuyserkan rug belongs to the Hamadan rug weaving area, enjoying the same features in structure and raw materials. In design, it has more similarity with Kurdish designs of its neighboring western province, Kermanshah.

Vardavard [wrongly Romanized as Vordoveh] is a Tuyserkan county village. This village’s Tuyserkan rug is famous for the quality and perfect rendering of the county’s iconic design.

Technical Aspects and The Structure of Tuyserkan Rug

Tuyserkan rugs have woolen piles, single-weft, and woven with the symmetrical/Turkish knot on cotton warps and wefts.

There is also a range of antique Tuyserkans with double-weft structures. Tuyserkan rug weavers roughly produce all rug sizes, including rare sizes such as square shapes, but runners and carpet sizes are quite rare.

Dyeing and painting of The Tuyserkan Rug

Dark-blue grounds are predominant in Tuyserkan rugs like in other southern regions of the Hamadan province. Red and camel have next favored grounds. Secondary shades used in the Tuyserkan rug are mostly light and bright.

The region’s undyed camel hair brings a shining golden camel, matching the area’s lustrous cotton yarn. This shade is used for Vardavard (Vordoveh) grounds, giving them a unique feature of the design.

Benefitted by the Zagros’ nature, the palette of the area is not corrupted by chemical dyes. From walnut to madder, the area profited from the best of natural dyes. Dyers make various reds out of madder, including pink, rosy and crimson.

Designs and Patterns of The Tuyserkan Rugs

Tuyserkan is home to central medallion designs with geometric medallions and pendants, medallions, pendants, and corners with dented lines. Therefore, the medallions could be irregular hexagons and octagons or simply lozenges, all rather large in their ground format, and H=hooked patterns and sharp angles are common in Tuyserkan rug.

Oblong sizes lead to the elongated rendering of the design type. 

To emphasize this feature, Tuyserkan designers use strips of narrow margins around the thin grounds of such rugs. Square-shaped lead to patulous medallions, some of which resemble unfolded bundles.

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Tuyserkan rug
Tuyserkan designers use strips of narrow margins around the thin grounds of such rugs.

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