Mashhad Rug, The Delightful Representative of Khorasan

The rug industry began in Mashhad in the late 19th century. Today, it has many manufacturers, some with only a couple of looms. The government manages many institutions and industries around the city, including rug workshops. This article gives you a clear image of this city’s elegant and artistic souvenir: the Mashhad rug. Where is

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Moud rug

Moud Rug, An Imaginary Garden of Colorful Flowers

During the 20th century, The Moud in the northeast of Iran gained a reputation for its high-quality rugs. The Moud rug enjoys a standard flawless Persian design and accurate weave. In this article, we’re going to find out more about them and their specific features. Where is Moud? Moud is a village in Southern Khorasan

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Dorokhsh rug

Dorokhsh Rug, The Glamorous Heritage of Khorasan

Dorokhsh is a town in Southern Khorasan, Iran. In ancient times, people would call the Southern Khorasan province Kuhestan, which means Mountainous Land. There are several villages between the hills and down the valleys with unique cultural aspects. This article discusses the most delicate form of this culture, the glamorous Dorokhsh rug. Meaning “luster” in

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