Dorokhsh Rug, The Glamorous Heritage of Khorasan

Dorokhsh rug

Dorokhsh is a town in Southern Khorasan, Iran. In ancient times, people would call the Southern Khorasan province Kuhestan, which means Mountainous Land. There are several villages between the hills and down the valleys with unique cultural aspects. This article discusses the most delicate form of this culture, the glamorous Dorokhsh rug.

Meaning “luster” in Persian, Dorokhsh is renowned for the ruins of a Zoroastrian fire temple and its barber shrubs. Villages on the hills benefit from the cool wind and more rainfall, making them a proper place to cultivate barberries.

Iran is the most barberry-loving nation in the world. Iranians do not use barberries in Persian Cuisine but also in rug dyeing.

In the 20th century, the area gained a reputation for high-quality Dorokhsh rugs. These rugs had a significant role. They inspire other towns and villages around, including Birjand, the province’s capital.

Dorokhsh rug
Dorokhsh Rug

Technical Aspects and the Structure of The Dorokhsh Rug

This Rug has a double-weft, and the knots are asymmetrical (Persian). Older rugs have wool foundations, while newer rugs have cotton foundations. The wool in this Rug has a silky touch. Knot densities are between 130 and 260 knots per square inch.

Dyeing and Painting of Dorokhsh Rug

The rich soil of the region brings good natural dyestuffs on Dorokhsh palettes. Crimson, beige and dark blue are dominant colors in the hasDorokhsh rug.

Secondary colors include Pistachio, dark green, olive, ivory, cream, camel, and yellows. The area’s rug weavers also use pink, purple, and red.

Designs and Patterns of The Dorokhsh Rugs

Both all-over and central medallioned types of design are common in Dorokhsh. The area is considered the origin of one of the most famous Persian designs named Herati [Mahi, Fish, or Twisted Fish].

The basics of Herati patterns belong to all-over types. But Dorokhsh rug designers use these repetitive patterns also in some of their medallioned designs to fill the field.

Repeats of boteh make another all-over design that Dorokhsh is famous for. Some Dorokhsh rugs with such designs come from the Persian Court of Tehran, and they’re in the Niavaran Palace Museum.

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