Farahan rug

Farahan Rug Is The Handsome Gentleman of Oriental Rugs

Farahan Rug Is Oriental Rugs, Since the 19th century, The western markets started importing Farahan rug. The UK showed significant interest in the Farahan rug, and the Brits started calling the Farahan rug Gentleman Rugs. Rug weaving in Farahan dates back to the 18th century. That was when Nader Shah the Great conquered Herat and

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Mahallat rug

Mahallat Rug, The Hand-Woven Flower Festival

Mahallat is a city in the southeast of Markazi province, central Iran, about 262 kilometers away from the country’s capital, Tehran. Mahallat is famous for its flower gardens and top-quality dairy products, especially whey and yogurt. This town also has many artistic souvenirs, such as the Mahallat rug. This article is going to tell you

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Lilihan Rug, The Elegant Heritage of Armenians

Khomein is one of the oldest rug production centers in Iran’s Markazi Province. Amongst the suburban villages of the city, Lilihan stands out because of its well-known Lilihan rug. The raw materials used, the design, the color, and the rug weaving technique of the Lilihan rug are different from its neighboring regions, in both antique

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