Bakshaish Rug, A Persian Rug For The Museum and Your Home

Bakshaish Rug A Persian Rug, Bakshaish rug is the most famous name among northwestern Persian antique rugs. Its world reputation dates back to the second half of the 19th century. That was when Tabrizi merchants developed their business, and many rugs found their way to Western markets.  Nowadays, those antique rugs adorn world museums. Most

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Afshar rug

Afshar Rug, The Hybrid of Persian and Turkic Rug Weaving Styles

Afshar Rug Persian Rug, The history of the Afshar rug is as long as the last one-third of Iran’s. Their back-to-back immigration to the Iran Plateau began roughly one thousand years ago. Several branches of the Afshar people scattered in Iran and Anatolia under the Seljuks’ rule. Mongol invasion accelerated the still continuing immigration; thus,

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Sarab rug

Sarab Rug, The Intoxicating Beauty

The spa-center town of Sarab stands between Sabalan and Bozqoush mountains in the East Azerbaijan province, Iran. Persian words ‘Sar‘ meaning head and ‘âb‘ meaning water make exactly ‘headwaters‘ as the area’s springs make a source for Talxe-Roud. Besides fantastic spas, this town is also famous for its intricate and glamorous Sarab rug! Sounds of

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tabriz rug

Tabriz Rug, The Magnificent Heritage of Safavid Kings

Tabriz is an ancient city on the slope of the Sahand Mountain, East Azerbaijan province, Iran. It is the biggest city in western Iran, with a population of over 1.73 million. Tabriz was the World Rug Weaving City by the World Crafts Council in October 2015. This article will introduce you to the rich history

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