Sarab Rug, The Intoxicating Beauty

Sarab rug

The spa-center town of Sarab stands between Sabalan and Bozqoush mountains in the East Azerbaijan province, Iran. Persian words ‘Sar‘ meaning head and ‘âb‘ meaning water make exactly ‘headwaters‘ as the area’s springs make a source for Talxe-Roud. Besides fantastic spas, this town is also famous for its intricate and glamorous Sarab rug!

Sounds of chattering streams never stop in Sarab, neither on nor under the stone and earth. The town has an ILkhanate mosque with khaki brickwork and turquoise Kashani (Qashani). 

It seems life had never stopped in this pastoral area since the 8th millennium BC. That was when traces of an initial rural life remained in the country.

Sarab rug
Sarab Rug Sample

Technical Aspects and the Structure of Sarab Rug

Rich mineral springs watered pasture and herds alike, making wool coarse and durable. That served well to answer the need of mountain folks for warm and durable rugs.

Indeed, Sarabi rugs are long-lasting, not just because of the material but also for their trustable weave. That’s why there is still plenty of antique Sarab rug in the Bazar, in usable condition.

Sarab’s rugs are ultimately collected in Heriz, the main rug center between Ardebil and Tabriz. In International markets, when people use ‘Sarab,’ they refer to the Kallegis or runners. And, these are the popular sizes of the region.

Sarab rug is mostly Kallegi (rather wide runners) and runners, common in Iranian Azerbaijan, especially the Heriz district. The Sarab rug has Turkish/symmetrical knots, woolen piles, and cotton warp and weft. 

Sarab rug
Sarab Rug

Dyeing and painting of The Sarab Rug

Azerbaijan’s mountains provide a kind of mudder that brings several shades of brownish-red on pallets, as well as acid-moderated pinks. The hue obtained from this madder’s root is unique and easy to recognize, especially on the grounds of Sarab runners.

A glowing camel catches the viewer’s eyes in the fields of Sarab rug, which consists of undyed camel hair. Different shades of it shine gleamingly out of deep rosy and navy blue.

Sarab rug
Sarab Rug

Designs and Patterns of Sarab Rugs

Repeats of gem medallions make standard designs of Sarab runners. Some of these medallions are filled with rosettes or tiny gems. In some patterns, the medallions are surrounded by strips.

There are initial samples in weavers’ minds, but every rug finds its own charm at the end. It would not be easy to find two rugs alike.

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