Bakshaish Rug, A Persian Rug For The Museum and Your Home

Bakshaish Rug A Persian Rug, Bakshaish rug is the most famous name among northwestern Persian antique rugs. Its world reputation dates back to the second half of the 19th century. That was when Tabrizi merchants developed their business, and many rugs found their way to Western markets. 

Nowadays, those antique rugs adorn world museums. Most of them have remained in good condition, thanks to their raw materials’ durability and firm structures. Today Bakshaish rug weavers aim to regain their old reputation with their trustable technique and long-lasting raw materials.

Bakshaish Rug, A Persian Rug For The Museum and Your Home
Bakshaish Rug Sample

Where Does The Bakshaish Rug Come From?

Bakshaish [means clemency] is a village right in the middle of Heriz county by the Talxe river bank. Both Azeri and Persian names mean “The Bitter River,” which comes from the river’s alkali quality.

Reaching ultimately to Urmia Lake, it waters miles of Iranian Azerbaijan pastures. The rich minerals make Sheep wool coarse and durable, ideal for clothes and floor coverings on the top of cold mountains.

Technical Aspects and Structure of The Bakshaish Rug

Bakshaish rug weavers produce the most fine-woven rugs of Heriz. Some experts give the title ‘Bakhshayesh’ to all Heriz rugs with an excellent and dense weave. Knots are Turkish/symmetrical; the pile is woolen. And warp and weft consist of cotton. They also use undyed camel hair. Bakshaish Rug for Your Home.

Rug sizes are more common than area rugs. Runners and Kallegis (wide runners) are also common. You can’t fail to recognize the red hue of Heriz rugs. Obtained from a kind of madder native to the Azerbaijan Mountains, this red brings various rich and moderated shades to the rugs’ palettes. 

Caucasian blue, like the one favored by Armenian weavers, adorn some rugs as well as navy blue and Khaki. Herbal and mineral, all dye are entirely natural. Some Bakshaish rugs enjoy a special golden khaki as the ground color. This unique hue is the result of using undyed camel hair that grants Bakshaish rug brilliance and glamour. Bakshaish Rug A Persian Rug.

Designs and Patterns of Bakshaish Rugs

Famous antique Bakshaish rugs have mostly Herati patterns in all-over designs. Rug experts often mention their similarities with both old Sultan-Abad rugs and Caucasian designs. 

You could also find Unique tribal-influenced designs among them. They have animal motifs grazing on hills and between trees, reminding the very biome of Azerbaijan province. The Tree of Life had also been a popular design, and you could also find some exquisite examples of this symbol in museums.

As the Bakshaish rug is now different from the antique ones, the new Bakshaish rug follows the total basics of Heriz rugs. The central medallion is in a free rustic style with fine rectilinear patterns. The total shapes of which come from curvilinear designs. Bakshaish Rug for Your Home.

That is a basic description for all Heriz rugs, but every village follows its tradition. Bakshaish rug, too, has its own charm, enjoying the most elaborate compositions among Heriz rugs.

 It seems the elegance of antique patterns is kept in every single line of new rugs, despite the change from all-over to central designs. In other words, we can describe the new Bakshaish rug as detailed and intricate Heriz rugs.

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