Nain rug

Nain Rug, The Young Princess of Persian Rugs

Unique to Nain (also romanized as Naein) are some of Iran’s most outstanding monuments: the Jame Mosque [one of the first four mosques built in Iran after the Arab invasion that has a Sassanid fort]; the Pre-Islamic Narej Fortress; a Pirnia traditional house; the Old Bazaar; and the world-renown Nain rug! Besides Nain’s magnificent monuments, the city has gained

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Mashhad Rug, The Delightful Representative of Khorasan

The rug industry began in Mashhad in the late 19th century. Today, it has many manufacturers, some with only a couple of looms. The government manages many institutions and industries around the city, including rug workshops. This article gives you a clear image of this city’s elegant and artistic souvenir: the Mashhad rug. Where is

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Heriz rug

Heriz Rug, A Luxurious Hand-Woven Painting For The Floor

This exclusive property of material has affected the designs. It also has made Heriz rug the most long-lasting of its kind. That explains why there are many antique Heriz rugs in museums around the world, keeping the original designs alive. This article will tell you more about the story behind these rugs and their unique

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Mahallat rug

Mahallat Rug, The Hand-Woven Flower Festival

Mahallat is a city in the southeast of Markazi province, central Iran, about 262 kilometers away from the country’s capital, Tehran. Mahallat is famous for its flower gardens and top-quality dairy products, especially whey and yogurt. This town also has many artistic souvenirs, such as the Mahallat rug. This article is going to tell you

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Moud rug

Moud Rug, An Imaginary Garden of Colorful Flowers

During the 20th century, The Moud in the northeast of Iran gained a reputation for its high-quality rugs. The Moud rug enjoys a standard flawless Persian design and accurate weave. In this article, we’re going to find out more about them and their specific features. Where is Moud? Moud is a village in Southern Khorasan

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Lilihan Rug, The Elegant Heritage of Armenians

Khomein is one of the oldest rug production centers in Iran’s Markazi Province. Amongst the suburban villages of the city, Lilihan stands out because of its well-known Lilihan rug. The raw materials used, the design, the color, and the rug weaving technique of the Lilihan rug are different from its neighboring regions, in both antique

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Ravar rug

Ravar Rug, The Lovely Princess of The Deserts

Right in the middle of the Lut desert in Iran and Qanat-watered, orchards of Ravar ripens the sweetest of pomegranates. This town is well-known nationally, as much as its international reputation for exquisite Ravar rug. Ravar is in the middle of a vast salty Lut desert in central Iran. The name’s literal means “Emptiness,” which

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Sarouk rug

Sarouk Rug, The Persian Rug That Is Customized For America

Sarouk [also romanized as Saruq] was a major rug weaving center of Iran. Sarouk rug’s design is among Semi-classical or City woven styles. That means the Sarouk rug probably comes from a city workshop. They have an accurate and well-organized structure. Whether the Sarouk rug comes from the city or in a village, it always

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Sirjan rug

Sirjan Rug, The Delightful Heir of Afshar and Kerman Rugs

Sirjan rug has a fascinating story behind it as it was born in an exiled tribe by mixing various rug weaving techniques. The Afshar tribes from the northwest brought their rug weaving styles to Sirjan in the south in the middle of Kerman and Shiraz.  Later on, they developed a fusion of the northern and

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Ziegler rug

Ziegler Rug, The Delightful Fruit of The American Dream!

During the Gilded Age in America, the West showed an interest in investing in Persian rug production directly.  Ziegler, a British Swiss company, pioneered this new industry and gave its name to this sort of goods. This led to the creation of one of the most influencing brands: Ziegler rug. American Interest in Persian Rugs

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