Bakshaish Rug, A Persian Rug For The Museum and Your Home

Bakshaish Rug A Persian Rug, Bakshaish rug is the most famous name among northwestern Persian antique rugs. Its world reputation dates back to the second half of the 19th century. That was when Tabrizi merchants developed their business, and many rugs found their way to Western markets.  Nowadays, those antique rugs adorn world museums. Most

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Heriz rug

Heriz Rug, A Luxurious Hand-Woven Painting For The Floor

This exclusive property of material has affected the designs. It also has made Heriz rug the most long-lasting of its kind. That explains why there are many antique Heriz rugs in museums around the world, keeping the original designs alive. This article will tell you more about the story behind these rugs and their unique

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Serapi rug

Serapi Rug, The Museum-Level Art on Your Floor

Serapi Rug, Nobody knows when this term for Serapi rug entered western markets as it’s not common in Iran at all. Indeed it is an American term to distinguish some antique Heriz rugs. Because of the significantly high quality, the Serapi rug is a museum-level antique, but you could still find it in the market.

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Karaja rug

Karaja Rug, The Azeri Enchantment

Karaja rug (Also romanized as Qarājeh, Karadja, or Gharaja) is an area on the north-western part of Heriz, Iran, on the Azerbaijan Republic’s frontier. Heriz is a distinctive rug-weaving center with a world reputation. Still, Karaja rug doesn’t have much in common with typical Herizes except in the quality of raw materials. Richened by Sabalan

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