Serapi Rug, The Museum-Level Art on Your Floor

Serapi rug

Serapi Rug, Nobody knows when this term for Serapi rug entered western markets as it’s not common in Iran at all. Indeed it is an American term to distinguish some antique Heriz rugs. Because of the significantly high quality, the Serapi rug is a museum-level antique, but you could still find it in the market.

Serapi is the incorrect spelling of Sarabi (related to the city of Sarab in northwestern Iran). Actually, these rugs are from Sarab and villages alongside the Talkhe river, making up the Heriz district.

Thanks to the rich mineral water meadow, the wool in this area is quite coarse and durable. That results in warm and durable rugs, which are perfect for such a cold climate.

Blessed by top-quality materials, these rugs are some of the most long-lasting among their peers. That explains why there are many Heriz antiques in museums around the world. They all have kept the original designs alive, as well as a good number of Serapi rugs in markets.

Technical Aspects and the Structure of The Serapi Rug

The Serapi rug is the best of Heriz’s class, not just because of the material but also for its extraordinary weave. That’s why there are still plenty of them in the bazaar, which are still usable in your home.

Knots are Turkish/symmetrical with single-wefts, the pile is woolen, and warp and weft consist of cotton. The texture is dense and heavy to match the wool’s coarseness. In terms of size, you could find these marvelous antiques in almost all sizes and shapes.

Dyeing and Painting of The Serapi Rug

However coarse in texture and pointy in rectilinear designing, Serapi rug is delicate, mild and fine in coloring.

Azerbaijan mountains provide a special mudder that brings several shades of brownish-red on pallets and acid-moderated pinks. The hue of this madder’s root is so unique that you can’t fail to recognize it.

A glowing camel catches the viewer’s eyes in the fields of Serapi rug, which comes from undyed camel hair. Different shades of it shine gleamingly out of deep rosy and navy blue.

Serapi rug
Serapi Rugs Sample

The Design and Pattern of Serapi Rugs

The design of the Serapi rug contains a central medallion, following the Heriz style in which rectilinear medallions are usually large. Also, they are separated from their matching corners.

A large medallion resembling an eight-pointed star is quite common in Serapi rug. There are initial samples in weavers’ minds, but every rug finds its own charm at the end. It’s not easy to find two rugs that are alike!

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