Ravar rug

Ravar Rug, The Lovely Princess of The Deserts

Right in the middle of the Lut desert in Iran and Qanat-watered, orchards of Ravar ripens the sweetest of pomegranates. This town is well-known nationally, as much as its international reputation for exquisite Ravar rug. Ravar is in the middle of a vast salty Lut desert in central Iran. The name’s literal means “Emptiness,” which

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Sarouk rug

Sarouk Rug, The Persian Rug That Is Customized For America

Sarouk [also romanized as Saruq] was a major rug weaving center of Iran. Sarouk rug’s design is among Semi-classical or City woven styles. That means the Sarouk rug probably comes from a city workshop. They have an accurate and well-organized structure. Whether the Sarouk rug comes from the city or in a village, it always

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Sirjan rug

Sirjan Rug, The Delightful Heir of Afshar and Kerman Rugs

Sirjan rug has a fascinating story behind it as it was born in an exiled tribe by mixing various rug weaving techniques. The Afshar tribes from the northwest brought their rug weaving styles to Sirjan in the south in the middle of Kerman and Shiraz.  Later on, they developed a fusion of the northern and

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Serapi rug

Serapi Rug, The Museum-Level Art on Your Floor

Serapi Rug, Nobody knows when this term for Serapi rug entered western markets as it’s not common in Iran at all. Indeed it is an American term to distinguish some antique Heriz rugs. Because of the significantly high quality, the Serapi rug is a museum-level antique, but you could still find it in the market.

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Sarab rug

Sarab Rug, The Intoxicating Beauty

The spa-center town of Sarab stands between Sabalan and Bozqoush mountains in the East Azerbaijan province, Iran. Persian words ‘Sar‘ meaning head and ‘âb‘ meaning water make exactly ‘headwaters‘ as the area’s springs make a source for Talxe-Roud. Besides fantastic spas, this town is also famous for its intricate and glamorous Sarab rug! Sounds of

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Kazak Rug

Kazak Rug, The Gezelle of the Caucasus Mountains

Between the Caucasian rivers, Kura and Aras, a vast region called Kazak, are deemed and known for a typical antique rug, the Kazak rug. Like all Caucasus, this region too is multi-racial and multicultural. Georgians, Armenians, Azeris, Tats, and Kurds live there. Moreover, Tbilisi and Yerevan, the capitals of Georgia and Armenia located in this

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Meymeh rug

Meymeh Rug, The Hybrid Gem of Persian Rugs

Karkass Mountain, a valley where Meymeh is located, is a cold, snowy high spot in the middle of the desert between Isfahan and Kashan. The pointy hills of marble, iron, and azure glow in various shades around the ski trail. A landscape with a deep affinity with the unique Meymeh rug design in the area

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shirvan rug

Shirvan Rug, The Prince Charming of Azerbaijan!

Shirvan is a region of Eastern Transcaucasia, the Azerbaijan Republic. Iran in the south, Armenia in the west, and Daghestan of Russia in the north surround Shirvan. This area has one the finest Azerbaijani rugs that have familiar touches with the compositions of its neighbor peers. This article will tell you anything you need to

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Turkmen rug

The Rug That Went on The National Flag, The Turkmen Rug

Turkmens are Asian nomadic peoples who settled in Central Asia from Samarkand to the eastern coast of the Caspian Sea. They have a minimal semi-nomadic lifestyle and rich culture. This article takes you through the best representatives of Turkmen art: The Turkmen rug. Who Are The Turkmen People? Turkmens have most probably descended from the

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