Kazak Rug, The Gezelle of the Caucasus Mountains

Kazak Rug

Between the Caucasian rivers, Kura and Aras, a vast region called Kazak, are deemed and known for a typical antique rug, the Kazak rug. Like all Caucasus, this region too is multi-racial and multicultural. Georgians, Armenians, Azeris, Tats, and Kurds live there. Moreover, Tbilisi and Yerevan, the capitals of Georgia and Armenia located in this deemed region.

Nevertheless, Kazak rugs are the artistic heritage of Armenians, and some tend to call all Armenian rugs Kazak. The reputation of Kazak rug dates to the 19th century when rug production in the area boomed under Tsarist Russia. Rugs with Kazak features flourish in the market, not only in the Caucasus but also in India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

Kazak Rug, The Gezelle of the Caucasus Mountains
Kazak rugs are the artistic heritage of Armenians

Technical Aspects and the Structure of Kazak Rug

Antique Kazaks usually have a knot density of about 40 to 60 per square inch. Knots are symmetrical (Turkic). Warps, wefts, and piles are woolen in antique rugs, but new ones may have cotton foundations. Area rug sizes are common, including long ones, and runners.

Dyeing and Painting of Kazak Rug

The Palette of Kazak rug consists typically of bright colors to moderate the bold geometric motifs.

Red, blue, cream, and even green are used for fields, while the secondary palette includes a range of light shades. These range from pistachio to apricot.

Brick red of the region is famous. Deep pinks and golden khakis are typical. Minimal usage of white makes a shimmering effect on navy blue fields.

Designs and Patterns of Kazak Rugs

Columns of hexagons, Pinwheels, diamonds, or stars make various Kazak designs, especially for runners and long rugs. The latter, used chiefly for long rugs, consists of multiple borders and a relatively narrow field normally left empty.

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