Kashan Rug, The Golden Heritage of Safavid Kings

Kashan in the center of Iran is home to the Incredible Kashan rug that dates back to the Safavid era. Like most of the Persian rugs, fine silk, silver, and gold brocaded rugs make up the material of this rug, bringing outstanding reputation fo Kashan’s textile products, Zarbaf (gold-woven), and Kilims. This article gives you

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Persian Rug

Qum Rug, The Luxury Knotted By Hands

Qum Rug Knotted By Hands, Not being more than a hundred years old, the Qum rug is of the best new creations amongst Persian rugs. These rugs are very luxurious and ornamented, with the best raw materials. Luxury and magnitude are remarkable words that come along with Qum rug. This city is the biggest silken

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Farahan rug

Farahan Rug Is The Handsome Gentleman of Oriental Rugs

Farahan Rug Is Oriental Rugs, Since the 19th century, The western markets started importing Farahan rug. The UK showed significant interest in the Farahan rug, and the Brits started calling the Farahan rug Gentleman Rugs. Rug weaving in Farahan dates back to the 18th century. That was when Nader Shah the Great conquered Herat and

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Nain rug

Nain Rug, The Young Princess of Persian Rugs

Unique to Nain (also romanized as Naein) are some of Iran’s most outstanding monuments: the Jame Mosque [one of the first four mosques built in Iran after the Arab invasion that has a Sassanid fort]; the Pre-Islamic Narej Fortress; a Pirnia traditional house; the Old Bazaar; and the world-renown Nain rug! Besides Nain’s magnificent monuments, the city has gained

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Hereke rug

Hereke Rug, The Centerpiece of Ottoman Palaces

Hereke Rug Ottoman, Hereke is a town in Kocaeli province, Turkey. This city is famous for the Hereke rug and its Oriental rug industry at the northern edge of Izmit Bay, near Istanbul. Hereke rug is the most famous rug in Turkey. The city is quite famous for its rug weaving tradition and workshops. This

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Mashhad Rug, The Delightful Representative of Khorasan

The rug industry began in Mashhad in the late 19th century. Today, it has many manufacturers, some with only a couple of looms. The government manages many institutions and industries around the city, including rug workshops. This article gives you a clear image of this city’s elegant and artistic souvenir: the Mashhad rug. Where is

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Kuba rug

Kuba Rug Is The Artistic Pride of Azerbaijan

Kuba is the capital of the Kuba district in the Azerbaijan Republic and a center of the rug weaving industry. Qadim Kuba [Old Kuba] is a rug company in this town that made rug weaving a tradition in the area. The most famous Kuba Rug, “Golu Chichi,” dates back to 1700 and is currently in

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Heriz rug

Heriz Rug, A Luxurious Hand-Woven Painting For The Floor

This exclusive property of material has affected the designs. It also has made Heriz rug the most long-lasting of its kind. That explains why there are many antique Heriz rugs in museums around the world, keeping the original designs alive. This article will tell you more about the story behind these rugs and their unique

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Mahallat rug

Mahallat Rug, The Hand-Woven Flower Festival

Mahallat is a city in the southeast of Markazi province, central Iran, about 262 kilometers away from the country’s capital, Tehran. Mahallat is famous for its flower gardens and top-quality dairy products, especially whey and yogurt. This town also has many artistic souvenirs, such as the Mahallat rug. This article is going to tell you

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Moud rug

Moud Rug, An Imaginary Garden of Colorful Flowers

During the 20th century, The Moud in the northeast of Iran gained a reputation for its high-quality rugs. The Moud rug enjoys a standard flawless Persian design and accurate weave. In this article, we’re going to find out more about them and their specific features. Where is Moud? Moud is a village in Southern Khorasan

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