Qum Rug, The Luxury Knotted By Hands

Persian Rug

Qum Rug Knotted By Hands, Not being more than a hundred years old, the Qum rug is of the best new creations amongst Persian rugs. These rugs are very luxurious and ornamented, with the best raw materials. Luxury and magnitude are remarkable words that come along with Qum rug. This city is the biggest silken rug production center in the world.

Qum is a large Iranian city with more than a million population. It lies 125 km southwest of Tehran and is the capital of Qum Province. It is on the banks of Qumroud (the Qum River). As the second important religious city in the country, the city is also on a strategic spot. 90 percent of its products are exported, with 17 million dollars annual income for the country. The rug weaving history in Qum in the current style dates back to the second decade of the 20th century when merchants of Kashan brought their looms to Qum and started the business on a limited scale. 

After 20 years, silken rug production found its way into a more commercial route. Quickly the craft became popular in the city and expanded gradually to the surrounding villages. High-grade silk, dyed completely herbal, is an essential raw material for Qum rug. 

The delicacy of Qum rugs’ silk makes the pieces distinguished amongst others. Qum rug is under the influence of other Iranian rug weaving regions in terms of design and pattern. However, because of the delicacy and elegance of silk and wool used in Qum rug, the rug designers tend to use tiny patterns and fine designs to accentuate the delicacy and brilliance of every single thread.

The Main Characteristics of Qum rug

Weave: delicate and fine.

Colors: natural dyeing; light shades are more common.

Design and pattern: The style is a mixture of all Iranian styles, giving a dominant role to individual designers, amongst whom Rashti Zadeh could be mentioned. Lachak-Toranj (Medallion), Shah-Abbasi, Moharramat, Mehrabi, and Hunting Garden were the main basic designs that had come from Kashan and Isfahan. Rapidly, Qumi designers changed the basics, making a new style under the title of “Qum Rug Style,” which is well-known for its patterns’ harmony and its remarkable coloring. Qum Rug Knotted By Hands.

Knot type: Both asymmetrical (Persian) and symmetrical (Turkish) knots are common.

Weft: Generally two-wefted

Raw materials: silk and wool

Size: mostly small-sized.

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