Yazd rug

Yazd Rug, The Hand-Knotted Gem In The Heart of Deserts

Yazd is the true oasis in the heart of the central Iran desert. The streams of Qanats water have served Yazd as vital blood vessels in that hot desert for thousands of years. It has also been a sanctuary for the ancient faith of Iran, Zoroastrianism. The most celebrated sacred fire burns today in the

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Borujerd rug

Borujerd Rug, The Colorful Remark of Zagros Mountains

Borujerd Rug is one of the oldest permanent urban settlements in Persia, and many settlements on Zagros skirt could claim so. Still, Borujerd has succeeded in maintaining its leading role during the last two millenniums. Today it is the second big city of the Lorestan province after Khorramabad. It lies on the northern borders of

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Abrash coloration rug

Abrash Coloration Rug, The Proof of Rugs’ Durability

Oriental rugs, like any other unique product, come with their own terminology. Most words involved with Oriental rugs aren’t English. When the dealer speaks about these particular terms, it is reasonable to assume the typical client will not understand what the dealer is saying. Abrash is a particular term thrown around and often misunderstood by

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Hamadan rug

Hamadan Rug, The Most Stunning History Book

Hamadan (where the Hamadan Rug got its name) is one of the leading centers of the Iranian rug industry. If one looks for more economical Persian rugs, Hamadan would be an excellent place to search. That could be true due to many villages, each of which has its reputation. So you can find various qualities.

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Josheghan Rug, The Hand-Knotted Identity of a Town

Many Iranian cities and villages are famous for their rug-weaving tradition, giving their names to their products. Still, it is only Josheghan that has gained its nickname after a type of rug! This article will find out more about the story behind the Josheghan rug. And their universal pattern has inspired so many Persian rug

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Malayer Rug, The All-Natural Beauty

Malayer lies on the Alvand Mountain margin, a junction point between the Zagros folds and the central Iranian plateau. It is a historical city in Hamadan Province and the second largest urban settlement after Hamadan (Ecbatana). Malayer is also famous for its high-quality grapes, walnuts, cultural monuments, and above all, the Maleyer rug! Alvand’s rich

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Nahavand Rug, The Hand-Knotted Epic

If there is one ancient urban settlement in Hamadan province equal to Ecbatana in age, it would be Nahavand. (Also Romanized as Nehavand and Nehavend). This article will introduce the artistic souvenir of this region, the charming Nahavand rug. Where is Nahavand? The name is quite outstanding in the history of Iran. The reason is

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Nanaj rug

Nanaj Rug, The Hand-Knotted History Book

Nanaj (also Romanized as Nenej) is a village in Jowkar Rural District, Malayer County, Hamadan Province, Iran. It is a historical village in the region, having an old Qajar mosque. But, it is more famous for its mountainous nature, caves, and waterfalls, and above all, the Nanaj Rug. Central Zagros’ nature provides the best raw

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Karaja rug

Karaja Rug, The Azeri Enchantment

Karaja rug (Also romanized as Qarājeh, Karadja, or Gharaja) is an area on the north-western part of Heriz, Iran, on the Azerbaijan Republic’s frontier. Heriz is a distinctive rug-weaving center with a world reputation. Still, Karaja rug doesn’t have much in common with typical Herizes except in the quality of raw materials. Richened by Sabalan

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