Borujerd Rug, The Colorful Remark of Zagros Mountains

Borujerd rug

Borujerd Rug is one of the oldest permanent urban settlements in Persia, and many settlements on Zagros skirt could claim so. Still, Borujerd has succeeded in maintaining its leading role during the last two millenniums. Today it is the second big city of the Lorestan province after Khorramabad. It lies on the northern borders of the province, neighbor to Hamadan and Kermanshah. Actually, the Borujerd rug has more in common with these two areas.

Borujerd share the same structure as Hamadan rugs, thus categorized as Hamadans. Borujerd is also a collecting center for Saraband rugs which have Kurdish style.

Borujerd rug
Borujerd rug

Technical Aspects and the Structure of Borujerd

The Borujerd mostly follows the structure of the Hamadan area: woolen piled, single-weft, and woven with the symmetrical/Turkish knot on cotton warps and wefts, while the Saraband rug mostly has double-wefts. Most Borujerd have long piles. Their lustrous yarn and fine wool of the area have a world reputation.

Borujerd products are only in the rug and runners sizes. 100×150 and 120×180 are the most common rug sizes.

Dyeing and Painting of Borujerd Rug

Lustrous yarn and fine wool of the region make all shades glow. The region benefits from undyed camel hair, which brings a shining gold between dark blue and madder red of grounds and patterns.

Dark blue is the most favored ground shade, but red and cream are also common. Acid-moderated madder brings shades of rose and vermillion for patterns on dark blue grounds. Green and light blue are secondary tones.

Benefitted by the Zagros’ nature, chemical dyes have not corrupted the palette of the area.

Design and Patterns of Borujerd Rugs

Rectilinear-patterned designs with both all-over and central medallion bases are attributed to Borujerd. 

Similar to neighboring Nahavand and southern Hamadan rug areas, these Borujerds are in the style of American Saruq but a bit more rustic than Saruq rugs. Rather large geometric floral patterns adorn the grounds of such rug follows the Hamadan area structure design. 

Saraband rugs coming from Borujerd have all-over designs made exclusively with repeats of boteh. This group belongs to Kurdish designs of neighboring Kermanshah.

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