Enjelas Rugs

Enjelas Rugs Simin-e Abaru or Simin-e Everu known formerly as Simin-e Enjelas is a village in Abaru rural district south of Hamadan in which antique Enjelas rugs have been woven. The village has reputation for its traditional stone architecture as well as its rugs and runners which could be considered as the best of Hamadan

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Yazd rug white

Yazd Rugs

Yazd Rugs Kermans are the honor and prestige of Persian Rugs, just like the land of Kerman that is an honor for Iran as a living museum. It is a city of gardens. Well-directed streams out of Qanats water these extraordinary paradise who has served as a haven near the hot desert for thousands of

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Tabriz Haj Jalili Rugs

Tabriz Haj Jalili (Hadji Jalili) Tabriz Haj Jalili Rugs,  is a rather mysterious figure in Tabriz rug history. Some speak precisely about intellectual affairs he concerned about while others deny his actual existence at all. A certain Haj Jalil from Marand was probably in the rug business in last decades of the 19th century. Rug

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serapi rugs

Serapi Rugs

Serapi Rugs, Nobody knows when this term entered western markets. Inside Iran, the term has no use. For sure it is an American term being used to distinguish some antique Herizes high grade in weave and raw material. Because of such qualities, Serapis could be considered as antiques pieces comparable with Museum’s ones, but still

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ravar rugs

Ravar Rugs

Ravar (Lavar) Rugs Ravar (Ravar Rugs) is a town in the middle of a vast salty desert called the Dasht-e Lut, literally: the Plain of Emptiness. A UNESCO natural world heritage site, with amazing landscapes of plain, mounds and barrows on which ancient Zoroastrians had used to exposure their bodies; there are mines of brimstone

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Hunting-garden rugs

Hunting Rugs

Shekârgâh: Hunting Garden Rugs or Hunting Rugs Hunting Rugs is the most primitive subject in human being’s iconography, as it is apparent on prehistoric parietal arts, and thus the most ancient and ever-lasting traceable theme in historical eras, too. ‘Shekârgâh’ meaning in Persian ‘chase’, or ‘hunting garden’ is a long-lived theme in the Persian arts

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