Saraband rug

Saraband Rug, The Hand-Knotted Treasure of The Zagros Mountains

You might find many areas named Saraband in the Persian-speaking countries of Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan. The one we are going to talk about is the rural area in Zagros Mountain between Arak and Borujerd. Romanized as Serabend, the name is a term for a type of design with repeated Boteh motifs of this area.

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Tuyserkan rug

Tuyserkan Rug, The Colorful and Artistic Gift of Western Iran

South of Alvand Mountain, a point of junction between the Zagros folds and the central Iranian plateau, lies the town of Tuyserkan. (Which is also Romanized as Tuisarkan). It is the fourth significant urban settlement in the Hamadan province. Tuyserkan has a reputation for its rich and deep soil, perfect for planting walnut trees, and

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kerman rug

Bozchalu Rug, The Undiscovered Gem of Central Iran

White Mountains of Vafs, home to various Iranian tribes, stand tall between Hamadan and Markazi provinces in Iran (Persia). Vafs area is attributed to the Tat people, Lurs, and some Turkic tribes, amongst which Bozchalu and its famous Bozchalu rug are well remembered. Bozchalu is an old Turkic clan. Hulagu Khan (reign: 1256-1265) settled once

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4 Benefits of Area Rugs That You Should Know

Benefits of Area Rugs, An area rug is a popular addition to a hard surface floor, especially hardwood, laminate, or tile floors. It can even be laid over wall-to-wall carpet. Perhaps the most obvious reason to have area rugs is for the way they look. An Oriental Rug is a piece of artwork. It is

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Runner Rug

The Complete Guide to Runner Rugs

Complete Guide Runner Rugs, Rugs are excellent to level your home decor with their plush texture, bright color, and eye-catching patterns. But not only your living room and study room should take advantage of rugs, but also all the areas in your home have the potential to glow up with area rugs. A Runner Rug

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Rug outlet in Louisville and Lexington

What Makes a Handmade Rug Stand Out

What Makes a Handmade Rug, Handmade rugs are highly demanded in the home design industry. The rug is the missing puzzle of your room, binding all the decor items together by a rich, conceptual, and eye-catching pattern. Aside from giving an appealing look to the room, they give a distinct character to your home with

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oriental rug

Oriental Rug 101: The Guide To Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental rug cleaning, We’re setting aside our overall topic of oriental rug cleaning to bring you a collaboration of information from our team. Before investing in an Oriental Rug for your home or business, knowing your options is crucial to protect your purchase. You don’t want to overpay for a machine-made rug sold as a “hand-tufted” rug,

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kormanj rugs

Kormanj Rugs Are The Kurdish People’s History, Knotted By Hand

Kormanj Rugs, Kurdish people live all over the Iranian plateau. In Khorasan in the Northeast, Kurds have been the warriors of northern mountains for at least the last five centuries. Safavid Kings settled them there to be a shield against Uzbek invaders. But there are still shreds of evidence in Persian administrative texts referring to

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tabriz mahi

Tabriz Mahi Rugs

Tabriz Mahi Rugs Mahi (fish), fish in pond, mahi darham (twisted fishes) and Herati. These are names for a widely used Persian pattern originated in the city of Herat (nowadays in Afghanistan) which has spread westwards across Persia, Anatolia and Caucasia with lots of interpretations applied to different types of design, in both rectilinear and

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