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Runner Rug

Complete Guide Runner Rugs, Rugs are excellent to level your home decor with their plush texture, bright color, and eye-catching patterns. But not only your living room and study room should take advantage of rugs, but also all the areas in your home have the potential to glow up with area rugs. A Runner Rug fits perfectly in the narrow and underrated parts of your home, creating a delightful and consistent harmony. 

This article gives you essential tips on how to choose and where to use a runner rug that fits the space and the surrounding style.

What is a Runner Rug?

Simply put, runner rugs are area rugs that have larger lengths compared to their width. They usually come in rectangular shapes. However, some of the modern ones have unusual and non-linear figures but being long and narrow is common in them all.

Why should I Get a Runner Rug?

Runner rugs are perfect to level up the underrated parts of your home, such as the home entrance, stairs, hallway, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom.

 When it comes to home decor, people put all of their effort and attention into large areas of their homes, like the living room or the study room. But it would be much better to have consistency and harmony among each part of your home to make it a delightful space. 

Otherwise, you’d have kind of a paradox between the carefully designed living room and neglected stairs and hallways. By getting runner rugs, you’ll get a chance to show off your artistic taste with each square of your house! complete Guide Runner Rugs.

In addition to enhancing the decor, runner rugs give you a chance to free two birds with one key as they protect your feet and the surface in areas with high foot traffic. 

Where should I use Runner Rugs?

Anywhere that the runner rugs can fit in is the right place, but generally, home entrance, hallway, stairs, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom are the best candidates. 

Home Entrance

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No one can stress enough the importance of the first impression. So put an exquisite rug at your home entrance to give your home visitors a jaw-dropping impression of your excellent home design. complete Guide Runner Rugs.

The home entrance has the highest amount of foot traffic, so durability is a must when you consider a runner rug for it.

However, there’s no strict rule for design, but the home entrance is where your rug would better be bold and make a remarkable statement. That’s why we recommend you choose Persian runner rugs with elaborate patterns and vivid colors to guarantee a memorable first impression.


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Hallways are usually underrated and dull spaces between the rooms, but you could turn them into an art exhibition where people would love to spend their time. 

Unlike regular area rugs, durability and coverage are the top priorities of a hallway runner rug instead of style. A hallway runner rug should be the centerpiece of your hallway, not its covering, so make sure it does not cover the floor completely. There should be 4- 5 inches visible on either side of the rug.

The material also is important, and it should be durable and soft. So pick a plant-based or synthetic rug to make sure it endures the foot traffic and feels good to walk on.

Staying loyal to the main principle of designing with area rugs, the pattern should be in harmony with the whole room. So you’d better choose an oriental design for your chic and classic hallway or a contemporary design for the modern hallways.


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The stylish hardwood staircase looks so brilliant, but it also is so slippery to walk on— especially with socks on. Runner rugs are the perfect fit for staircases.

A runner rug adds style and comfort to the staircase and ensures safety, especially for households with young children. It also brings more comfort to the house by reducing that squeaky noise when someone steps on the stairs.

Make sure you have secured the runner rug on the stair; otherwise, it would lead to slip and fall incidents.


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The kitchen has a high potential to glow up with runner rugs. By adding kitchen rugs, you could transform each of your meals into a special and remarkable event. The kitchen is where you prepare and serve the food , so there’s a great chance of food spill incidents in there.

That’s why you’d better be careful about the material of the kitchen rug you’re about to get. The fibers of the kitchen runner rug should be durable, water-resistant, and easy-to-clean to endure frequent foot traffic and food stains. 

Natural fiber rugs such as flat weave cotton, jute, and sisal are perfect for that, as they are easily cleaned with a cloth and quite durable.

The design and pattern of the rug should be in harmony with your overall kitchen design. If you’ve taken a minimalist approach toward decorating your kitchen, an elaborate oriental design would fit right on the floor. On the other hand, a kitchen rug with a humble color and pattern would be the wise choice for your dynamic and cozy kitchen.


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Your bedroom should be the coziest place in your home so you could relax and see the sweetest dreams in it. Runner rugs provide a delightful landing area for your feet when you get up in the morning. They also complete the harmony of your private sanctuary. 

For example, a blue Persian rug fits just awesome your bedroom, bringing elegance and a sense of comfort with its calming shade and conceptual motifs.


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Hand Made Afghanistan Peshawar 3′ x 9’11” Gray

The bathroom has the highest potential for a runner rug, but it’s mostly neglected, as they’re are the smartest choice to add pattern and color to the bathroom, where you spend a considerable amount of your time during the day.

Taking a shower is the routine of many people, so why not accessorize this routine with an eye-catching Persian rug? You could put the runner rug in front of the sink or behind the bathtub. Make sure you get rug padding because the floor would be so slippery with a rug on it. So go on and shake things up in your ordinary bathroom! complete Guide Runner Rugs.

How to Choose a Runner Rug?

Runner rugs usually cover areas with high foot traffic, so they should be made of resistant and durable material to endure that amount of pressure without wearing out. Organic rugs such as Sisal rugs and Jute rugs are perfect for that.

Moreover, some runner rugs might be exposed to moisture, such as bathroom rugs or kitchen rugs that are constantly threatened by food spills. So it would be best if you get a rug that won’t bother you for cleaning it each time. Washable rugs are excellent for such areas because you could simply put them in the washing machine and get the cleaned rug in a few minutes without any trouble. So look for the Washable Rug label while you’re choosing a runner rug for your bathroom, kitchen, or any area that is exposed to water and moisture.

In terms of pattern and color, runner rugs have the widest variety. You could choose anything you desire but make sure it is in harmony with your room design. Runner rugs are to complete the decor, so go for an intricate Persian rug for your minimalistic room and vice versa.

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