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Outdoor Rug

Essential Guide Outdoor Rugs, Now that the winter is gone, it’s a great time to liven up the outdoor space in your house and enjoy the spring breeze while your hand is holding a glass of wine and your feet are sunk into the plush texture of a luxury Outdoor Rug.

Rugs are the safe bets for bringing comfort, character, style, and personalization to any kind of space, and your porch, patio, deck, balcony, or backyard is no exception. 

This article helps you find your right Outdoor Rug with the best material and style and where and how to use them. So please grab a nice cup of coffee, then keep on reading to find out how to turn your underrated outdoor space into a refreshing oasis!

What is an Outdoor Rug?

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Outdoor Rug for Patio

An Outdoor Rug is a type of rug made of easy-to-clean, durable, and weatherproof material to endure outdoor conditions such as extreme heat and cold, moisture, sunlight, dust, and mud. Essential Guide Outdoor Rugs.

Although the phrase sounds quite self-explanatory, there are many misconceptions around it. An Outdoor Rug is so different from a doormat or carpet. Doormats are relatively so much smaller, placed at the doorstep in order to absorb the shoe debris. On the other hand, Outdoor Rugs have the same size and functionality as indoor area rugs with different materials to fit in extreme outdoor conditions. 

Your outdoor space needs exquisite rugs to become a lively, functional, and fashionable haven that you wouldn’t want to leave! Moreover, an Outdoor Rug provides a layer of protection for the floor. Essential Guide Outdoor Rugs.

What is the best material for Outdoor Rugs?

Material is the point where indoor and outdoor rugs split. Indoor Area Rugs are usually made of delicate materials such as silk, wool, and cotton as they’re usually placed in air-conditioned rooms away from UV exposure and wind. In contrast, These Area Rugs have to survive harsh weather conditions, so their material must be durable and weather-resistant.

You’ve both synthetic and natural options in the palm of your hand to liven up your outdoor haven with them.

Synthetic Rugs

Synthetic rugs, also known as Machine-made rugs, are made of artificial petroleum-based materials such as Polypropylene, Polyester, Nylon, and Viscose. These materials are quite UV-resistant, so you could rest assured that the lovely colors of your Outdoor Rugs will never fade.

Synthetic rugs are also water-resistant by nature, so you won’t have to worry about mold and mildew growing inside your Outdoor Rugs. Moreover, these rugs won’t get you into trouble cleaning them because of their non-absorbent fibers, so a Washable Outdoor Rug seems to be the smartest choice! Essential Guide Outdoor Rugs.

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Natural-fiber Rugs

Natural-fiber Outdoor Rugs [also known as Organic Rug, Vegan Rug, and Eco-friendly] are the other option in the palm of your hand if you follow a vegan lifestyle or you simply prefer to create a natural harmony between your patio and the surrounding green space.

Jute Rugs, Sisal Rugs, and Seagrass Rugs have the durability features you expect from an Outdoor Rug. They’re relatively easy to clean as well, but be careful to keep them always dry because mold and mildew can grow inside their natural fibers.

What size do you need?

Outdoor Rugs have the same purpose as indoor Area Rugs. That’s why the indoor sizing rules still apply for the outdoor space. 

There are no walls in that outdoor space, so Outdoor Rugs are the wisest idea to create boundaries and create separate areas. For instance, you can create an imitated living room and dining room by getting two different rugs. Just place one under the dining room and the other under the furniture to have your imitated living room.

At least the front legs of your furniture should be on the rug. The chairs must be still on the rug when you pull them out of the dining table.

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Which style is the best for your Outdoor Rugs?

Of course, there is no strict rule for style but there are some designing tips that you could follow and multiply the enchantment of your patio or balcony.

Look for a design for your Outdoor Rug that complements the surrounding area. Here you are free to choose an extremely humble design with plain color to accent the delightful green space of your backyard. 

The Outdoor Rugs should not have exactly the same color as the furniture. But it would be perfect if you pick up a design in harmony with the outdoor furniture and the indoor style of your home so that you could have pleasing consistency all over your sweet home.

Indoor-outdoor Rugs, paradoxically incredible!

“Can I put the outdoor rug indoors?” you might ask. Yes you can! It sounds odd, but it’s actually a very bright idea for areas of your home that are prone to high foot traffic, moisture, and food spills.

Outdoor Rugs make perfect Kitchen Rugs as they’re so stain-resistant and easy to clean. So you’ll be far less stressed out after each food spill. Your bathroom, basement, and laundry room could also take advantage of a nice Washable Outdoor Rug that withstands their constant exposure to moisture.

The outstanding durability of Outdoor Rugs makes them also a smart choice for areas of your house with high foot traffic. So get an Indoor-outdoor Rug for the rooms where you usually keep your kids or pets (or maybe both). We recommend you a nice Outdoor Jute Rug for this purpose. They’re made of all-natural materials, so they contain no VOCs and probably chemical allergen.

You should consider one critical point that the other way around is not possible. In other words, you must not take your indoor oriental rugs to the outdoors. If so, their delicate texture can’t withstand the outdoor conditions at all, and your precious rugs would be ruined.

Final tips for maintaining your Outdoor Rugs

  • No matter indoor or outdoor, make sure you get a rug pad. They protect the floor and the rug, plus preventing slip and fall incidents.
  • Check the rug’s manual for learning how to clean it. Usually, a simple solution with water and regular soap is recommended. Use it with a clean cloth right after the spill happened.
  • If you live in a rainy climate, synthetic rugs work much better for you. That is because their plant-based peers are prone to mold and mildew if exposed to water.
  • Minimalistic patterns work better in a patio or backyard. A simple Blue and Gray Outdoor Rug is a multiple-functioning idea that fits most of the areas, so don’t forget to check out this trend!

Where to buy Outdoor Rugs?

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