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Kermans are the honor and prestige of Persian Rugs, just like the land of Kerman that is an honor for Iran as a living museum.

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It is a city of gardens. Well-directed streams out of Qanats water these extraordinary paradise who has served as a haven near the hot desert for thousands of years. It has also been a sanctuary for the ancient faith of Iran, Zoroastrianism. The most celebrated sacred fire burns today in the fire-temple of Yazd.

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Despite all these ancient aspects, rug weaving is rather a new craft in the city, although Yazd has been a big name in weaving textiles, such as silk, for centuries.

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Rug weaving started here in first decades of the 20th century, most probably by Kermani merchants and designers. In fact, being influenced by its neighboring city, Kerman, is still the main characteristic of Yazd rugs.

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Yazd rug

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Technical aspects and the structure of Yazd Rugs

Yazd rugs enjoy a sure structure, free from fakery in knotting. The knot count is around 120 KPSI. Warp and weft are of cotton and pile is mostly woolen. The Knot type is asymmetrical (Persian) and looms are mostly vertical.

yazd pattern detail

yazd rug

Yazds are chiefly coarser in weave than Kermans but their piles are cut shorter. Antique Yazds are famous as thin rugs. Yazds are available in sizes but large ones are rare.

Dyeing and painting of Yazd rugs

Cochineal obtained deep reds are identifiable in Yazds as well as Kermans. Other dominant colors are cream, white, khaki, beige and navy blue. Using Kerman’s loom-drawings one could see easily the similarity in painting, but there is still obvious differences. For example, the Yazds are not as multicolored as Kermans, especially they don’t follow Kermans in using light shades or too bright ones such as golden tones. In other word Yazd’s palettes are more simple and humble than its lustrous neighbor’s.

Designs and patterns of the Yazd rugs

Allover designs in which the grounds are filled with repeating patterns are the main Kerman-influenced Yazd pieces. In comparison to Kermans Yazds are less florid and leafy.Yazd rug

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Yazd rug white

The patterns include vase and floral motives as well as small repeating medallions. Large central medallions also could be found but not easily. Centered designs are not typical in Kerman and Yazd.

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