Tabriz Haj Jalili Rugs

Tabriz Haj Jalili (Hadji Jalili)

Tabriz Haj Jalili Rugs,  is a rather mysterious figure in Tabriz rug history. Some speak precisely about intellectual affairs he concerned about while others deny his actual existence at all.

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A certain Haj Jalil from Marand was probably in the rug business in last decades of the 19th century. Rug producer, designer and master weaver are mentioned about his profession.

Marand is a town in north-west of Tabriz where lots of weavers worked inside their houses rather than in workshops.

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An alley in Tabriz Bazaar also called Mirza Jalil or Haj Jalil. Bazaar of Tabriz is the longest vaulted bazaar in the world and Mirza Jalil Alley is the carpet artery of it build in the same age Haj Jalil is assumed to live.

Despite all these unreliable evidences about Haj Jalil himself, there is no obscurity about the quality of woven pieces attributed to him. These are magnificent antique rugs from the late 19th and early 20th.

There is a tendency among merchants to call all their high-quality antique Tabrizes ‘Haj Jalili’ (attributed to ‘Haj Jalil’), but we could still name some specific features about a true Haj Jalili!

Our semi-legendary artisan is well-known for his taste and cognition in coloring. His preference for light colors is obvious. Khazai rug always is a best deal.

tabriz-haj-jalili rugs

tabriz-haj-jalili patterns and details

Acid-moderated rosy or pink and golden Khaki make dominant palette of Haj Jalilis. Colors like pink, gold, golden khaki, camel, beige, cream, light oranges, olive, turquoise and indigo are frequent as secondary colors.

Haj Jalilis are fine-woven with traditional court designs. Like other Tabriz rugs, Haj Jalilis are double-wefted and symmetrically knotted. Wool and cotton silk are main raw materials.

tabriz-haj-jalili gold rug

Both central medallion and allover designs are frequent as well as vase and tree of life designs. Silken central medallions of the kind have typically empty fields.

Haj Jalili pieces have a mild and moderated appearance. That makes them of the most desired rugs by decorators.

tabriz-haj-jalili handmade rugs

tabriz-haj-jalili handmade rugs details

tabriz-haj-jalili gold rug detail

tabriz-haj-jalili rugs

tabriz-haj-jalili rugs

tabriz-haj-jalili rugs

tabriz-haj-jalili rugs

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