Enjelas Rugs

Enjelas Rugs

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Simin-e Abaru or Simin-e Everu known formerly as Simin-e Enjelas is a village in Abaru rural district south of Hamadan in which antique Enjelas rugs have been woven. The village has reputation for its traditional stone architecture as well as its rugs and runners which could be considered as the best of Hamadan pieces.

Raw materials of the area are famous to be of high qualities, specially a fine kind of cotton yarn making the pieces flexible.

Not every pieces sold under the title are true Enjilas. Some are same in raw material and design but not same in weave quality. These are attributed to Abaru (termed as Everu) the whole area Enjilas belongs to.

Technical aspects and the structure of Enjilas Rugs

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Enjilas rugs are woolen piled, single-wefted, and woven with the symmetrical/Turkish knot on cotton warps and wefts.

Most of pieces are rugs and runners both in various sizes.
Enjilas knotting starts at 160,000/m2 reaching to 170,000 and maybe 180,000 in high antique pieces. Everu pieces have between 130,000 and 140,000 knots/m2.

enjelas area rug

Dyeing and painting of Enjilas rugs

enjelas area rugs pattern

Dark blue and red grounds are common among Enjilas pieces. True Enjilases are benefited from the best of Zagros’ natural dyes.

Madder of the area bring unique shades of red on Enjilas palette including pink, rosy and vermillion.

Light blue, turquoise, yellow, cream, green and brown are common secondary colors.

enjelas area rug aspect

Designs and patterns of the Enjilas rugs

The main design of Enjilas formed of Herati patterns and small corner (lachaks), without a central medallion.

Herati or Mahi (fish) is a basic repeating pattern, the general form of which consists of a flower framed in a diamond with curving leaves out of it parallel to each side. Recalling tiny fishes, these curving leaves have been called ‘mahi’ most probably by weavers and merchants.

Corners are essential parts of central medallion designs. Having corners without a medallion, makes Enjilas a unique feature among Persian rugs.

enjelas traditional rugs
enjelas pink rug

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