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Harshang Rugs is the Turkish pronunciation of kharchang (xarchang), Persian for the crab. The design is also called “flaming palmette” or simply crab design. hashrang rugs

hashrang patterns

It is an all-over design of palmettes motifs with foliate extensions suggesting a crab’s pincers. Named probably by Turkic nomads of Azerbaijan and Caucasus, the design are thought to have roots in Herat.

hashrang pink rugs

Actually Harshang could be a geometric or semi-geometric interpretation of the famous Herati (Mahi) design, firstly used in northwest Persian rugs of the eighteenth century. However there are also certain examples Harshang in Joshaqan carpets woven in the same period of time. hashrang rugs.

During the 19th century it became popular among Caucasian weavers especially in the region of Karabakh (Qarabagh). Karabakh harshang designs have world-reputation being imitated widely from India to Romania. During the last century variants of Harshang design created by designers for workshop rugs of Saruq and Reihan weaving area, while nomadic and village weavers of Heriz and beyond Araxes made their own free interpretations.

hashrang area size rug

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