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We regularly prepare rug appraisals for rugs. Rug appraisals meet a wide array of needs, including insurance purposes, collateral loan agreements, and charitable contributions. Your rugs are described in detail, which includes origin, design, condition, construction, dimensions, age, and replacement retail value. The final legal document signed personally by Mr. David Khazai and is accepted throughout the industry by courts, estate planning professionals, the Internal Revenue Service, and insurance firms. Within one or two days the certified appraisal document will be given to you.


Over the last 20 years, we have been doing rug appraisals in Minneapolis, Minnesota; Naples, Florida; Dayton, Ohio; Cabo St. Lucus, Mexico; Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky; Nashville, Tennessee and partnerships in Cincinnati, Ohio; Chicago, Illinois and Seattle, Washington. We closed these stores to work on click and brick and to serve the Kentucky area exclusively.

We offer three ways to get your rug appraisal. You can come to our facility and bring your rugs to be appraised. This can be done at the same time your rugs are being cleaned or repaired. You can also send us a full picture of your rugs along with a close-up of the back, and the exact measurement of the rug and we will e-mail you a certified rug appraisal from our expert, David Khazai. If you would prefer we come to your home, we can do that also and do your rug appraisal on-site Our Rug Appraisal Certificate is a written appraisal where we document each rug, note the origin, category, type or regional area as well as the construction, materials and condition, age or in what circa your rug was made along with any other specifics. We include a photo, a description of the design, colors, and age along with other information, depending on your needs. David bases the valuation on the current replacement value. A separate computer generated page for each rug is also provided. We keep digital photos, notes and a digital copy of the rug appraisal so a new original copy can be produced for you if needed in the future. For your security, all of the appraisal work is kept in our office.

To get a rug appraisal right away, call us at 1-502-219-6959 in Louisville and 1-859-592-5949 in Lexington. If you prefer, please leave a message and we will get back to you right away.

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