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Rug Rental Enhances, Rugs instantly level up any space, guaranteed. The delightfully soft texture, along with the eye-catching and conceptual motifs of the rugs, make them the smartest choice for decorating any kind of space. The artistry and uniqueness of oriental rugs have brought them a massively high value, making them a reliable and safe investment as well as being elegant home décors. So the handmade rug’s relatively high price is absolutely justifiable regarding its ever-growing value and the tasteful artistic layer it adds to your home. But it does not mean you can’t take advantage of the charm of some oriental rug to flourish your casual events as well. Be it a wedding, commercial photoshoot, real estate staging, outdoor party, and so on; You could always get a rug rental service to show off your excellent taste of art and impress the audience. 

Rug Rental for Adding Elegance and Luxury to The Room

The elaborate and fabulous look of the Oriental rugs indicates your incredible taste in art, wealth, and prestige. The sophisticated and meaningful pattern, vivid colors, and delicate texture of that rug transform your home from a dull space to an exceptional, intimate, and cozy sanctuary, giving the best first impression to your guests as they enter your house. You could have the same benefits in all other spaces that need enhancement as well. An Oriental rug is enough to create an entire world of its own, like an incredible artwork in the middle of the space. 

Rug Rental is The Best Idea For These Events.

Rug Rental is The Best Idea For These Events.
Khazai Rugs offer the widest variety of antique, Persian, and Oriental handmade rugs in the region, all available for rental.
  • Weddings: What better than a floral-motif Persian rug to flourish the moment two lovers share their wedding vows? Oriental rugs are the best to accompany you in the memorable moment of your life, leaving a remarkable effect on your wedding photos. So while starting your journey with your life partner, make sure an eye-catching Persian rug is prettifying your steps.
  • Media events: Media, regardless of the form, aims at grabbing the audience’s attention. That’s where one could take advantage of the Oriental rug’s potential to own the space and delightfully grab the attention.
  • Movie or Television Program sets: Handmade rugs on movies or series help the frame look attractive. Some rugs in your favorite movies are parts of Hollywood cinema history. For instance, that Oushak rug that was the center of attention in “The Blind Side,” starring Sandra Bullock. Rugs are also at the heart of the main character’s action in Jeff Bridges’ film “The Big Lebowski.”
  • Real Estate Staging: Spreading an Oriental rug helps you put the room on the best display. If you have a large characterless space or an area that needs enhancement, getting a rug rental service is your answer. Rug Rental Enhances.
  • Catwalks, fashion shows, and Red Carpets: Oriental rugs are the best idea for a fashion runway that is trying to get the maximum attention. These rugs have a richness and sophistication that is the perfect choice for your gala. It’s also worth mentioning that rugs have always been the preferred décor of kings and noblemen for centuries.

The Rug Rental Service at Khazai

Khazai Rugs is the best place for Rug Rental in Louisville, KY. We offer the widest variety of antique, Persian, and Oriental handmade rugs in the region, all available for rental. That helps to complement your wedding, upcoming video shoot, photoshoot, or any other important event. The massive collection of more than 7000 Rugs in our inventory guarantees you will find the right area rugs for your upcoming event.

About our Rug Rental service:

  • Rug Rental Cost: 15% to 25% of the Original Rug Price
  • Rug Rental Security: Credit Card Details only. No Security Deposit
  • Rug Rental Payment Policy: 100% of the Payment must be received before the rental.
  • Cleaning: Some rugs may need to be cleaned after the rental. In that case, there will be additional cleaning costs added to the rental fee.
  • Rug Damage Policy: If you’ve damaged the rug during the rental period, you must take care of all restoration and cleaning costs. Rug Rental Enhances.

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