Wool Rugs: 8 Things You Absolutely Need to Know

Wool Rugs: 8 Things You Absolutely Need to Know

Wool rugs are a classic addition to any home or office. They’re warm, durable, and eco-friendly—but there are many other benefits to choosing this type of rug. If you’re unsure if wool rugs are a great fit for your house, this article is for you! Here, you can learn some of the most important things you need to know about these rugs. Moreover, you’ll know where to buy the best ones. 

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1. Wool Rugs are Durable

While some materials, such as cotton or polyester, are fragile, the wool rug’s fibers are tightly woven. So, they won’t be easily torn apart. In fact, wool is the most robust material you can use for a rug. It looks great too!

2. Wool Pile Rugs Are Stain Resistant

Wool rugs are naturally stain resistant. Therefore, you can use them in high-traffic areas of your home without worrying about spills and stains. If a spill does occur, simply wipe it up immediately.

Wool rugs are also easy to clean by hand or professional cleaning equipment. Vacuum your wool rug regularly and keep it in good condition. It is the only thing a wool rug needs to stay looking beautiful for years!

3. Wool Pile Rugs Are Fire Resistant

These rugs are fire-resistant but not fireproof. They are made of wool fibers and can withstand high heat before they start to burn. However, they do not last forever and will eventually wear out when exposed to extreme temperatures over an extended period.

Because of their durability and resistance to wear, wool rugs are often placed in areas with a lot of foot- traffic.

This is why it’s important to understand how your rug will react when exposed to different materials; especially liquid spills such as oil stains from cooking accidents!

4. Wool Pile Rugs Are Naturally Insulating

A good choice for cold climates is definitely wool rugs. Wool is an excellent insulator, making it the ideal material to trap heat inside your home.

Wool is also breathable, meaning that moisture can evaporate through its fibers. So, your rug won’t feel damp and uncomfortable. This makes wool a good choice if you live in a humid climate.

5. Wool Pile Rugs are Environmentally Friendly

Wool from sheep and other animals, including alpacas, is the source of wool rugs. It is a natural fiber used for thousands of years to make clothing and other textiles. It’s also biodegradable, 100% renewable, water-resistant, UV resistant, antibacterial, and more!

6. Wool Pile is Hypoallergenic

You can use wool rugs in your home for people with allergies to dust mites, mold, and mildew. Being hypoallergenic is another characteristic of wool rugs. This means you can avoid the discomfort that comes from breathing in these allergens every day. Wool is also a natural fiber that will regulate the temperature in your home. It’s an insulator that keeps heat in during the winter but doesn’t overheat you when it’s warm outside.

7. Wool is Easy to Keep Clean

Because wool is a natural material, it can be cleaned easily with a vacuum cleaner. You can also dust off your rug with a broom and dustpan or shake it outside on the ground every few months. It will remove dirt, dust, and debris accumulated over time. You can also use a damp cloth on small spills right away if needed (such as cat vomit).

8. It Dries Quickly After a Wash

As mentioned before, wool is a natural fiber, making it suitable to be washed and dried in a machine. This makes wool rugs very convenient to clean—you don’t have to hand-wash your wool rugs or even take them out of the house to dry! As long as you use cold water on wool (and use a gentle detergent), there shouldn’t be any issues with shrinkage.

Wool absorbs moisture quickly and releases it just as fast. Suppose you spilled something on your rug and quickly blot up the liquid before it soaks in. So, the stain will likely come out completely after one wash!

Several types of wool rug construction methods

Several types of wool rug construction methods

  • Hand-tufted rugs: The fibers of these wool rugs are hand-placed and arranged individually by a skilled artisan. This is an expensive and time-consuming process. However, the resulting rug will be much more durable than machine-tufted or flat-woven types.
  • Hand-knotted rugs: The yarns are tied together to create intricate patterns in these rugs—each one is unique! Though not as durable as hand-tufted ones, they can still last for decades if treated properly. They also have a lovely look that’s hard to find anywhere else.
  • Machine Tufted Wool Rugs: These are very affordable options with plenty of colors and patterns available. So, everyone can get something they love at an affordable price point! When purchasing this type of wool rug, ensure it doesn’t have loose strings. They could poke through over time, damaging your flooring underneath. Then it would get costly if not repaired immediately.


There are so many different types of wool rugs that you can use in your home or office. They’re beautiful and practical. So take the time to find one that fits your style and needs!

At Khazai Rug, we have hundreds of wool rugs in various types, colors, shapes, and sizes. Plus, our professional staff will help you find the best wool rug for your house. They can also teach you how to maintain them properly. 

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