The Ultimate Area Rug Buying Guide – What To Avoid?

The Ultimate Area Rug Buying Guide - What To Avoid?

When buying an area rug, nothing can show you the right path than an area rug buying guide. There are many factors to consider, some of which can be tricky to get right. If you’re not careful, you’ll end up with a rug that doesn’t fit into your home or doesn’t suit your personality. 

Area Rug Buying Guide

In the worst-case scenario, it may even look cheap and ugly! That’s why we’ve put together this area rug buying guide on how to avoid common mistakes when buying an area rug.

What to consider before buying an area rug?

This area rug buying guide has shown you e a few things you need to keep in mind. So, you will have the best choice:

  • Consider the size of the room. Is it big or small? What will work best for you?
  • Consider the shape of your room. Is it rectangular, square, or oval-shaped? You want your rug to fit perfectly with no gaps between furniture and walls.
  • Think about the color and style of the area rug before buying one! Do you want something neutral to go with everything else in your home? Or do you prefer bold colors like red or blue rugs instead? Also, think about what kind of style would look best with your furniture. Modern vs. traditional styles can be very different, so choose wisely!
  • Buy from a reputable dealer. Make sure they have been in business for years. So, they know what they’re doing when it comes to selling rugs online or in person. You should also check out their reviews on sites like Yelp! or Google Reviews before purchasing anything from them.
  • Buy from a dealer with a good return policy. You should never buy anything without knowing what kind of return policy exists. What if something goes wrong after delivery? There may be no recourse available if things don’t work out.

What questions to ask before buying an area rug?

There are two main questions introduced in this area rug buying guide. So, you can make sure you’ll buy a rug that meets all your needs.

Area Rug Buying Guide

What size rug do I need? 

This is the first question that should be on your mind when considering a new purchase. If you are buying a rug for your living room, take measurements of each wall and know how much space it will cover. You also want to consider whether there is enough room for people to walk around the entire area. So, they won’t trip over the edges of your new carpeting!

What color rug should I get?

This one might seem obvious, but choosing colors wisely can make all the difference. Colors play an important role in creating an inviting atmosphere within any room. It’s especially true if there are children running around. Keep in mind that most rugs come with several different shades within each design. So feel free to experiment until finding something perfect!

What to avoid when buying an area rug?

The best way to avoid problems with an area rug is to do your research before buying one. So, you know what to look for, where to buy, and why Khazai Rugs is the best place for rugs. 

This area rug buying guide will show you common mistakes people tend to make when shopping for rugs. 

Avoid buying an area rug that doesn’t fit your room

Avoid buying an area rug that is too small for the room. The size of the rug should be proportional to the size of the room. It should cover at least 3/4 of the floor space in your home. Otherwise, it won’t be able to do its job properly.

On the other hand, when a rug is too large for a room, it makes it look smaller and crowded. Therefore, to create a cozy atmosphere in your living room, you should avoid using a large rug.

Avoid buying an area rug that is too thin or too thick

Too thin and thick rugs are not recommended in this area rug buying guide for several reasons. Thick rugs are a great way to add texture and color to your room. However, they can make it difficult to move around. If you have kids and pets, this is not something you want in your house! 

Thin rugs don’t look good, either. They look cheap or frumpy, especially when compared to the thick ones. Thin area rugs also tend to get dirty easily because they’re not made for heavy use. They also won’t stand up against dirt or spills as well as thicker ones would be able to do. They’re also less comfortable when sitting on them as there isn’t much cushioning underfoot.

Avoid buying an area rug that doesn’t suit your home decor, style and personality.

Another common mistake introduced in this area rug buying guide is buying area rugs that don’t match the room’s decor. For example, suppose you have a small living room and want to add some color and warmth. However, you only have enough money to buy one rug. Then it’s best to go with something rectangular rather than round or oval-shaped. 

Avoid buying cheap rugs from a discount outlet

The fourth common mistake introduced in this area rug buying guide is buying very cheap rugs. You may get tempted to buy a cheap rug from a discount outlet when shopping for area rugs. Of course, this is not always the case, but you would be surprised at how often it happens.

When buying rugs at these places, there are a few things you should look at. The quality of the weave, thread thickness, and density of pile fibers are three important factors. You might even want to ask if they have any samples. So, you can actually see what your money will get you before buying anything!

Avoid buying an area rug from a department store

You may decide to buy area rugs from a department store. So, this area rug buying guide will show you why it’s not recommended! Department stores usually sell cheap products not made with high-quality materials. This is especially true if it’s part of a large chain with less flexibility to negotiate with its suppliers.

The problem with department stores is that they often can’t take advantage of the same deals. Therefore, they end up paying more for their inventory.

Where should I buy my area rug from?

So far, this area rug buying guide has dealt with the things you should avoid when shopping for rugs. So now, where is the best place to buy rugs from?

When buying area rugs, you want to ensure you’re getting the best possible product for your money. However, there are many rug stores out there, each with various rug types. So, how do you know which one is the best for you?

This area rug buying guide shows you several important factors to consider when choosing a rug store. These factors are listed below:

  • High-quality products at reasonable prices
  • Professional staff
  • Excellent customer service

Khazai Rugs has the best quality area rugs available either in its online or offline store. We have thousands of different styles and colors to choose from. So, whether you need a large or small rug, we’ll help you find what you’re looking for at reasonable prices.

Khazai Rugs also offers great customer service and fast shipping! If there’s any problem with your order, just let us know, and we’ll take care of it immediately!

Make sure you read this area rug buying guide before you buy one!

This area rug buying guide recommends doing your research before buying an area rug. Therefore, you will avoid buying a bad rug and save money at the same time. Also, make sure you check out the reviews and ratings from the customers before choosing a rug store.

At Khazai Rugs, we have one of the largest selections of area rug styles and colors available online. In addition, we offer a wide range of sizes so you can find what you’re looking for. No matter how big or small your space may be, there’s always an option for you in our store.

So, please contact us and let our rug experts help you find the best rug for your house!

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