The Rug Quality Guide – Who makes the best rugs in the world?

The Rug Quality Guide - Who makes the best rugs in the world?

When it comes to finding the best rugs in the world, most people think of India or China. But did you know that Persia, now known as Iran, has been making fine rugs for thousands of years? It’s all this rug quality guide is about! 

rug quality guide

In this article, you will learn all about Persian rugs, from how they’re made to their history. You’ll also find out what makes them so expensive!

Rug Quality Guide – How to identify different types of rugs?

Rug quality is determined by the materials used in its construction. The first thing to look at when buying a new rug is the type of carpet construction and weaving. This rug quality guide will introduce two important rug type categories with their own set of benefits and disadvantages:

  • Handtufted (handmade) rugs are made from hand-knotted yarns. These yarns have been sewn together by hand using a special knotting tool called an awl. Handtufted rugs tend to be more expensive than other types because they require more time and skill. However, they will last longer as this process produces fewer knots per square inch. So, this means less wear on your flooring over time.
  • Tufted carpets differ slightly from handtufted ones. Instead of being knotted together by hand, tufted fabrics are stitched together using needles. So, you don’t have any loose threads hanging around after installation.

What are the characteristics of a high-quality rug?

A high-quality rug has several characteristics, including the following:

  • A thick pile of wool or silk that is soft to the touch. This means it will last for years and won’t get worn out easily by heavy foot traffic or vacuuming.
  • A hand-knotted design that creates an intricate pattern on the surface of your flooring. It should also be durable enough to withstand heavy use. This is especially useful if you have kids who are always spilling things on their carpets!
  • A rug made from natural fibers such as wool, cotton, silk, or jute. These fibers are often hand-spun as well. Natural dyes are used to color the fabric for these rugs. The dyes used for these materials do not contain any harmful chemicals. Instead, they use ingredients such as plants and minerals found in nature.

The Rug Quality Guide - Who makes the best rugs in the world?

Why are Persian rugs the best?

According to what you’ve learned in this rug quality guide, Persian rugs are known as the best type. They are hand-made by skilled artisans. The materials used to make these rugs are of high quality, making them very durable. Not only that, but Persian rugs have been around for hundreds of years. They have been passed down from generation to generation.

What is the history behind Persian rug making?

Persian rugs have a long and storied history, dating back hundreds of years. They are handmade by skilled artisans who have passed their knowledge down through generations. These rugs are made from wool and typically feature vibrant colors and intricate designs. The original Persian rug design comes from Iran, where it has been made for more than 2,000 years.

What are the types of Persian rugs?

So far, this rug quality guide has covered the types and characteristics of high-quality rugs. Now, let’s see how many types of Persian rugs there are. Most Persian rugs are made from hand-spun wool, silk, cotton, and synthetic materials. There are also rugs that contain a combination of two or more of these four basic fibers. The most common blends include:

  • 100% wool with no other fibers added, Heriz and Tabriz rugs
  • 100% silk with no other fibers added, like Kashan and Sarouk
  • Wool and silk together in varying proportions, like Ardabil and Isfahan rugs

Why are Persian rugs so expensive?

Persian rugs are one of the most expensive rugs for different reasons. Two of the most important ones are mentioned in this rug quality guide:

Made by hand

The process of making Persian rugs is very time-consuming. So, they’re more costly than machine-made rugs. The weavers must warp their looms with different colored threads. Then they begin to weave their patterns into the rug’s base fabric. After that, they cut out pieces of woolen fabric (or silk) and stitch them together by hand. So, they’ll create intricate designs that look like paintings on your floor! This takes many hours of work over several days or weeks until completion.

High-quality materials

Another reason why Persian rugs are so expensive is that they use only premium materials like silk, wool, or cotton. There are no low-quality synthetics involved at any point during production either. So, there isn’t any risk of damage due to corrosion from chemicals used during manufacturing processes.

What is the difference between a Persian rug and an Oriental rug?

One important thing you’re going to learn in this rug quality guide is the differences between Persian and Oriental rugs. These two rugs are similar in many ways, but they also have distinct differences. First, Persian rugs are made in Persia (modern-day Iran). Oriental rugs are generally referred to as rugs made in Oriental countries, such as China or India. 

Second, Persian rugs tend to be more expensive than Oriental ones. They are considered to have higher quality because of their durability and luxurious designs. 

Thirdly and finally: the history! Persian rugs have been around for centuries, while most other types started popping up only recently. So, if you want something with some serious pedigree behind it, then go with a classic Persian piece.

Rug quality guide – The best rugs in the world come from Persia

This rug quality guide covered everything you need to know about Persian rugs as the best rugs in the world. They are the most luxurious, durable, and beautiful rugs, also known for their high quality and fine craftsmanship. These all make them stand out among other types of rugs.

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