Get Rug Pad To Protect Your Area Rug and Your Investment In It

Rug Pad

Rug Pad To Protect Your Area Rug, Area rugs are the most eye-catching way to enhance your home design, creating a lively harmony of patterns and bright colors, just like artistic paintings on the floor. Rugs, especially oriental rugs, are not like other items of your home decor as they keep gaining more value over time; and never losing it. In other words, you do not waste your money on rugs but rather invest in them. This is why you need to protect your hand-knotted investment with a Rug Pad.

This article tells you why you need Rug Pads, how to choose a proper one, and how they protect your investment in your rugs.

What is a Rug Pad?

A Rug Pad [also known as rug padding, rug gripper, and rug underlay] is an attaching barrier between the rug and the floor. Area Rugs are usually made of soft and delicate materials such as silk, wool, and cotton, which have very little adhesiveness with the floor, especially hardwood floors.

What Benefits Does a Rug Pad have?

Rug Pads help you and your investment in your Area Rugs in many ways. The low friction makes the rug untidy each time someone steps on it. It also causes slip and fall injuries that might have severe repercussions. However, installing a rug gripper under your area rug would secure your area rug in its place and won’t move at all.

A Rug Underlay also helps your area rug withstand the pressure from constant foot traffic. So they’re safeguarded against frayed edges and wearing out as long as you put a nice rug pad under them. In a nutshell, they serve both you and your valuable knotted artworks in many ways as follows:


A Rug Pad functions somehow like a double-sided tape between the floor and the Area Rug, holding it in place to prevent slipping. Without them, slip and fall accidents will be inevitable, which might even have severe consequences for you and your family. In the case of brain injury caused by a severe slip-and-fall, the consequences could be permanently severed. So make sure you secure your valuable Area Rug with a rug underlay.

Get Rug Pad To Protect Your Area Rug and Your Investment In It
Rug Protection by using Rug Pad


Rug Pads have many small nubs that allow air to flow between your Area Rug and the floor. The air circulation stops mold, mildew, and odors by preventing microorganisms from growing in depth of the rug.

It could also trap dust and dirt particles in it which could contaminate your Area Rugs. This way, you could keep your rugs fresh and clean, capturing the dust and dirt with much less effort while vacuum cleaning. Rug Pad To Protect Your Area Rug.


Dust and dirt accumulate under your rugs, which can damage and scratch the hardwood floors. A rug gripper stops dust and dirt from collecting under the rug.

Rug Pads create a buffer between the rug and the floor that prevents rugs from bleeding color on the floor. Moreover, they don’t let any liquid reach the floor in case of spill incidents.

Carefully look for Washable Rug Pad and Machine Washable Rug Pad while you’re browsing the market shelves. Otherwise, you’d have more trouble cleaning dirty rug pads that have lost their stickiness. 

If you’re dealing with allergies and the environment, look for an Eco-friendly Rug Pad [aka non-toxic rug pad] that does not contain harmful VOCs and stinky chemicals.


Rug Pads can boost that plush and soft feel as well as muting that annoying squeaky noise when somebody walks on a rug.

There are many types of pads out in the market, each customized for a specific type of floor, so make sure you get the proper one when you’re browsing the market shelves.

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Rug Pads are absolutely affordable, but it could cost you a lot if you ignore getting one for your area rugs. So don’t hesitate to call Khazai Rug Cleaning’s Louisville, KY Rug Store to get more info on rug cleaning services.

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