Mother and Infant Rug


Mother and Infant Rug

‘Mother and Infant’, ‘Mother and Child’, ‘Mother and daughter’ and even ‘Pregnant Boteh’ are terms to name variants of Boteh motif in which one or some secondary boteh(s) are inside the main ones.

Antique Persian Malayer Village Rug, Mother And Child Boteh Design, Circa 1900

Such botehs could be rendered in both curvilinear and rectilinear styles. Designs with these patterns found in Qashqai and Khamseh rugs as well as Kurdish and Caucasian woven pieces. Being used chiefly as repeats in all-over designs, the feature of repeat differs easily depending on how these tiny botehs arranged in the bigger one. Compare the ones with same direction and upside down ones. rug.

For some interpretations the term ‘Pregnant Boteh’ makes sense, but if the secondary boteh break through the larger one’s outline, ‘mother and Infant’ would sound much better. The latter occurred mostly on large repeats such as in Khamseh designs.

Some of these Khamseh botehs could actually been named ‘mother and children’ consisting of a large boteh gemmed with tiny ones recalling a caring mother singing lullaby for her children on the lap and in her arm. khazai rug store in louisville.

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