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Peacock rug, The Peacock may symbolize the magnificence of royalty and the glory of the heaven as well as temptation and extravagant luxury. In India, Persia and Babylonia, the peacock is seen as a guardian to royalty and is often engraved upon royal thrones.

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Persian Peacock Domes, Sheikh Lotfollah mosque, Isfahan

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Lord Kartikeya with his wives on his peacock mount

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Indo Persian Peacock Bird Miniature Painting Illuminated Manuscript Islamic Art

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Syrian Bowl with Peacock Motif, c. 1200 Brooklyn Museum

Indian Mughals and Persian Qajars called their thrones Takht-e Tawuss (the Peacock Throne). Seeing the bird for the first time, Alexander the Macedon called peacock ‘the Persian Bird’.

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Tehran National Jewels Museum,The Peacock Throne

It found a guardian role in Hellenistic culture appreciated with thousand eyes on the tail. To Christians the bird represents immortality.

peacock7 design


Mosaic depicting an amphora with doves perched on the rim, flanked by peacocks. From a late Roman villa at Homs (ancient Emesa), Syria, artist unknown; ca. 450-462 CE

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In the 1486 painting Annunciation with St. Emidius by Carlo Crivelli, a peacock is sitting on the roof above the praying Virgin Mary

Iranian and Indian Muslims depict peacocks on their mosques’ façades to guard the door against the Devil; He is the only creature of Eden who saw Satan in his own appearance.

Peacock also represents the supreme being of the Kurdish Izadi sect Melek Tawuss (Angel Peacock) who create the world with a cosmic egg.

Peacocks are depicted widely on woven pieces in Iran, India, China, Turkey and Caucasia with both naturalistic and stylized renderings. Akstafa Peacock is a famous stylized version used in Iran, Turkey and Caucasia, being named after a Caucasian town in whose antique rugs peacocks used as central motifs.

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