Rug Fringe Repair and Replacement in Louisville KY

Rug Fringe Repair and Replacement in Louisville KY

Rug Fringe Repair and Replacement, Is your area rug’s fringe looking messy? Then you must be looking for a way to fix it. That really shades your valuable rug’s appeal no matter how healthy and clean the rug itself is. Naughty pets, frequent vacuum cleaning, and constant foot traffic damage lead to fringe wear out. 

Rug Fringe Repair and Replacement

If you’ve ever owned a handmade rug, then you know that the fringe is an essential part of its design. The fringe not only makes rugs look more interesting and unique, but it also helps to ensure that your rug stays in place when placed on top of carpet or hardwood floors. However, like any part of an item made by hand, fringes can become damaged over time due to wear and tear or even dirt buildup—and if neglected, this damage can eventually cause your whole rug to come unraveled!

This article deals with rug fringe repair and replacement in Louisville, KY. So, if you’re struggling with the same problem, read on to learn how to get professional help.

What causes rug fringe damage?

Fringe can be damaged by a variety of things. Vacuum cleaners, improper cleaning, and storage all contribute to fringe damage. Vacuum cleaners may not have enough power to pull in the fringe on your rug, which leads to frayed or torn ends. Improperly cleaning your rug can lead to the same result, especially if you attempt to clean it with harsh chemicals.

Fringe may also suffer damage from pets who chew on it often or play with it too roughly; this will cause fraying around the edges and loose threads that need repair or replacement. Improper storage is another culprit behind fringed rugs. If you don’t store them properly when moving them from one location to another, there’s a high probability that those dangling parts will get caught up somewhere along the way and end up looking like they’ve been attacked by hungry roden

How does rug fringe repair work?

If you’d like to change the fringe completely, our team has various colors, styles, and lengths to choose from. On the other hand, the rug fringe might be so damaged beyond repair that you might prefer to remove it altogether!

But most of the time, fringe repair does not require a completely new one. Instead, it can include just replacing the lost parts and preventing further damage to stop unraveling the whole rug. Our rug repair team also places a hidden stitch to secure loose fringes on hand-knotted rugs. This subtle repair will allow your area rugs to keep their first-day appeal. Rug Fringe Repair and Replacement.

How to prevent rug fringe damage

  • Remove dirt and debris with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Clean the rug with a soft brush, such as one made of nylon or horsehair.
  • Use a damp cloth to clean your rug if it is dirty but not stained.
  • Dry the rug with a dry cloth immediately after you’ve cleaned it. So, it does not become moldy or mildewed in storage.

Can you repair the rug fringe at home?

Fringes are the most exposed part of a rug, so they can deteriorate quickly. It’s also normal for fringes to come undone over time. From a practical standpoint, fringes are necessary to help protect carpeting and hardwood floors from damage caused by heavy furniture items. Rug Fringe Repair and Replacement.

The fringe on your area rugs will eventually fray with age, but there’s no reason why you have to throw out those old favorites just yet! You can learn how to repair it at home by following the steps below: 

  1. Tie off the ends of the fringes with a knot
  2. Then bury them inside the fringe by cutting off the excess thread
  3. Apply clear craft glue to a toothpick and insert it into the fringe to push the knotted thread down into the fringe weave.

Use E6000 or another strong glue for the best results. Avoid hot glue or superglue, as they will damage your rug.

Professional Rug Fringe Repair in Louisville, KY

Our repairs include patching holes or tears using various techniques depending on the type of damage done to the rug; this may include weaving new threads into the old ones or adding a piece of cloth over them. If there are more severe problems, we recommend replacing your whole rug. The reason is that there would not be enough material left on it to make another repair stand out from being noticeable again.

Professional Rug Fringe Repair in Louisville, KY

Before starting the process, our rug repair team thoroughly inspects your damaged area rugs to develop the proper fringe repair technique. It is mainly based on the area rugs’ construction. For example, our oriental rug fringe repair includes hand-stitching a new set of rug fringe with exactly matching material and color. This process is quite complex, and a rug expert with years of experience should take care of it with utmost care.


If you notice fringes on your rug are worn out or damaged, it’s time for a repair. Rug fringe damaged by heavy foot traffic or weathering can be repaired by tying off the ends of the fringe. Then they’re buried inside their weave with a toothpick dipped in clear craft glue. If you’re careful, this process is easy enough that anyone can do it themselves! Rug Fringe Repair and Replacement.

If you notice loose threads at the end of your rug, it is not too late to get it fixed. However, it is a good idea to repair the fringe before it worsens and falls apart completely. Contact us today, and we will get your rug looking great again in no time!

When you choose Khazai Rug Cleaning to take care of your damaged yet precious rugs, you can make sure they are the best-skilled hands. The generations-long expertise of our team has prepared them to solve any issues with area rugs. So, please request a quote now and let us help you repair the damaged fringe of your rug.

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