Shah Abbasi Rugs

shah abbasi pattern and design pattern


shah abbasi portrate

Kirman Rug: Portrait of Shah Abbas

Abbas the great may be the most celebrated Safavid Shah and one of the most significant Persian Shahs in the Iranian late history and also a well-remembered fairy king in folkloric tales and songs. Enthroned in Isfahan he put an end on Ottomans’ encroaching and kicked the Portuguese invaders out of the Persian Gulf, tying his name with the climax of the Safavid Peace.

shah abbasi war portrate

“Abbas King of Persia”, as seen by Thomas Herbert in 1627

Not only on water and earth, he was also a triumphant figure in arts’ patronage, mostly in architecture and handy-crafts, putting his name as well as his artistic taste on some aspects of the Persian visual arts.

shah abbasi oil paint

Canvas by Carlo and Gabriele Caliari in the Doge’s Palace in Venice depicting doge Marino Grimani receiving the Persian ambassadors, 1603

In his royal weaving workshops a variety of floral motifs have been derived from architectural decorations into curvilinear rug design, being termed as Shah Abbasis, most famously the ancient motif of Goljam an example of which named Laleh Abbasi woven almost everywhere in Persia.

shah abbasi pattern
shah abbasi pattern and design pattern

Shah Abbasi Flowers

shah abbasi rug pattern

An example of a Shah Abbas flower

shah abbasi rug design

An Isfahan Rug with Shah Abbasi Flowers, Mid-17th Century

shah abbasi red rugs pattern

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