Runner Rug: 6 Useful Tips to Enhance & Beautify Your Home

Runner Rug: 6 Useful Tips to Enhance & Beautify Your Home

Runner Rug Useful Tips, Are you taking advantage of runner rug in the most used area of your home? So why don’t you enhance these spaces with some decor “love”? Your hallways, kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms are great spaces to be enhanced with a beautiful and stylish runner. Here are 6 Designer-Approved Tips to help you choose and use a runner.

Runner Rug Useful Tips, Are you taking advantage of runner rug in the most used area of your home?

1- Use A Runner Rug To Beautify Your Hallways

You probably knew this one! People have been adorning their hallway with a hallway runner rug for generations.

They add beauty, elegance, and comfort. This is especially helpful for halls with hardwood floors, which might seem bare without one. 

It’s also easy to change the look of your home by adding a new hallway runner rug. Whether you opt for the classic look of a traditional Persian Runner Rug or a modern runner, they can really help connect your home’s decor together.

2- Use Carpet Runners to Protect your Carpet or Hardwood

Your hallways obviously get a lot more concentrated foot traffic than any other part of your home. 

So by adding a runner, you’ll protect your hardwood floors or your carpeting, which is more difficult to deep clean relative to area rug cleaning.

3- Area Rug Runners add warmth and comfort to your Kitchen, Bedroom, or Bath.

Kitchen Runner Rug:

 You can add so much warmth to a kitchen by adding a runner. So yes, you’re kitchen floor does get dirty, so you’ll want to opt for a darker color runner, which will hide the dirt and something you can clean more efficiently. 

Area Rug Runners add warmth and comfort to your Kitchen, Bedroom, or Bath

Bathroom Runner Rug:

 Adding a runner to your bathroom is a fantastic idea. It’s terrific for bare feet when it’s otherwise cold tile!

Bedroom Runner Rug:

 While many people opt for a full-size rug, such as a rectangular 9×12, they may opt for a bedside runner.

 People often place a runner at the foot of their bed, depending on foot traffic and your room setup. Below is a typical setup with a runner on one or both sides of a bed.

Use runner rug to dampen the noise from hardwood floors.

Footfalls on hardwood floors can be a bit loud and can even create an echo depending on your ceilings. 

So why not add some warmth and foot comfort, whether you’re wearing shoes or not? You’d better also consider adding a good runner rug pad as this will also help protect the runner itself.

What Size of Runner do I need?

In general, match the length of your runner to the room it will lay, but provide a reasonable margin.

Runner Margin?

Before we talk about size, you’ll need to calculate how much margin you need. For example, the margin on each side of a hallway should be about 6″, but 3 to 9″ is fine. 

If you have a long hallway and want to place two runners, you can do so, but leave about a 6 to 12″ gap between the two. Check the diagram below for these runner margin recommendations:

If you’re using a runner in a kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom, the margin and gap guidelines are a bit more flexible. Just use a size that fits well and minimize snagging or tripping over the ends of your runner. Runner Rug Useful Tips.

Best Hallway Runner Rug Placement

So in a hallway, you’ll want to give the runner a margin all around and for the runner to start from the “main” entry point and, ideally, extend to the end of the hallway. 

So if your runner doesn’t extend the entire length of the hallway, you’ll want to make sure it starts from the “main” entry, for example, from an outside door. 

That way, you land on the runner itself. Or if the runner is too short, you can place it “all in” the landing area, which is preferred, or it’s also acceptable to place it in the middle of the hall, to ensure that the runner is not “half in, half out” of the landing area.

 Here’s a diagram that provides some of the best placements for a runner in a hallway.

What Sizes do Runners come in?

You can find runners in practically any size. Here is a breakdown of sizes:

  • Standard sizes for most machine-made runners are 8, 10, and 12 feet, and the width is about 2′ 7″. However, some machine-made runners come even longer. See the image below.
  • Handmade runners have their own charm and come in different odd sizes, such as 7′, 8′, or 11′ Persian Runners. Handmade runners are also available in sizes up to 30 feet long, and Khazai Rugs has many of these larger sizes in stock or available to order.
  • Custom size runners from rolls. See below.

Some machine-made runners come in extra long sizes.

Custom Size Runner Rug

Machine-made stair runners, roll runners, or continuous runners can be custom cut and bound by your local rug store, such as Khazai Rugs Outlet. We cut a custom size from 100′ long rolls. That can be a good option when you need a runner of 20 feet or more. Call us for a quote. Runner Rug Useful Tips.

Custom Size Cut Roll Runner Rug for long hallways or stair runners.

Ready to enhance the beauty and comfort of your home?

If you’re now interested in these hand-knotted beauties, click here to discover the best Runner Rugs in Kentucky.!

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